Oct. 26, 2022

Your chance to provide cold-weather comfort

The thermostat cutting in is a stark reminder that not everyone can dial up comfort with the flick of a switch. The arrival of wet fall weather is a real challenge for our street people, they don’t have thermostats in their shelters.

The call for solutions to the homeless problem is constant, and we feel helpless waiting for government solutions. But we can all do something to help them now. 

One of the bigger challenges of living in the elements is footwear – gently-worn shoes, boots and even runners. Clean dry socks are always welcome. This is where we can all help out. Just about everyone has extra clothing taking up space which could keep someone else more comfortable during this weather. And please, make sure it’s clean and wearable, no junk please.

I called RCMP Media Relation Officer Gary O’Brien and he informs that the police station has a bin inside the front door, to the left, where you can drop off items which are then distributed each Friday to those who don’t have a warm place to call home. Footwear is the most urgent need, but if you have an extra medium-to-heavy jacket taking up space, you can bring that down too.

You’ll get a warm feeling by helping those who really need it. And don’t wait to check your closet, do it now. It’s cold and wet out there. Thank you.