Oct. 25, 2022

Hot time expected at city council meeting tonight

I am intrigued by tonight’s city council meeting, it should be a barn burner – a bruhaha is percolating over a proposal to build a data centre on East Wellington Road, next to Cavalotti Lodge. It is scheduled to go to third reading at tonight’s council meeting.

Opponents of the proposal will not be allowed to speak at tonight's meeting. Council’s hands are tied, once a proposal has been to public hearing council members cannot discuss or take any further input under any circumstances. Council members have been flooded with e-mails, which by law they have to delete without reading.

A public hearing was held on Sept. 29 for “rezoning 2086 & 2090 East Wellington Road from Rural Resource [AR1] to High Tech Industrial [I3], with an additional site-specific use to allow a proposed data centre.” Several residents spoke in opposition at the public hearing but some now say they were unaware of the project and want any decision delayed. 

The notice of public hearing was legally posted as required. Some of those posting on social media in fact made presentations at the public hearing. You can see the minutes of the public hearing HERE.