The Way I see It

Sep. 6, 2022

I watched US President Biden’s speech September 1 and realized that he was delivering a boilerplate stump speech used on both sides of the border.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton, running for the US presidency, referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” - racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic people. There is nothing like degrading a few million American citizens when your only focus is on acquiring votes and power. 

In December 2021 Prime Minister Trudeau labelled the unvaccinated as racist and misogynistic extremists without a shred of evidence.

Now we have Biden scurrilously labelling Trump supporters as radicals dangerous to democracy.

All of these speeches have a common thread and might have been written by the same speech writer. The objective is to get people to focus on fighting with one another instead of on governance ineptitude.

It is accountability evasion.

The Canadian political scene is complex in part because we mix principles of British common law and the Westminster parliamentary system with the American constitution and principles of a republic.

Over recent years, political parties on both sides of the border have replaced the concept of democratic governance of the people, by the people, for the people with rule of the people. They no longer represent or act in the best interests of the people of the nation.

Canadian federal government support for a plethora of ethnic and minority groups is highly divisive. No government should ever involve itself in religious affairs or religious bodies. It violates the British system principle of separation of Church and state and violates our fundamental religious freedoms.

Trudeau’s dalliance with Islamic, Jewish, Sikh and other faiths is as repugnant as his disdain for Christianity. We don’t want our Prime Minister to publicly celebrate religious holidays. It is another way that our government uses to remove focus from its failings by highlighting our religious differences which is cynical and repugnant.

Governments are increasingly elitist, totalitarian, and given to adopting policies that are detrimental to the people of Canada. Bad policy has eviscerated our economy while causing high rates of inflation. Carbon taxes are punitive, intended to force changes in society that increase our cost of living.

Resentment and dislike for the government and its officials are the results of governments that are increasingly aloof and isolated from the public.  Ministers refuse to accept accountability for government actions and policy. They consider anyone voicing criticism of governance as a threat which is as preposterous as their elitist arrogance.

No democratic government is above the public criticism that is fundamental to the operation of a Westminster parliament.

Mainstream media scribes are bleating that they are subjected to public criticism and scorn. Along with parliamentarians, media people have to learn that respect is earned, not conferred. Election to office does not infuse wisdom or improve reasoning powers. An elected dolt is still a dolt. Graduating with a journalism degree does not create a journalist.

Media people lost objectivity and the ability to provide accurate, factual and balanced articles on issues, substituting a collection of poorly researched and thought out opinion pieces. The opinions of media scribes who are not responsible or accountable for the issues they sound off on are irrelevant.   

When media owners lobbied for and were given millions in government grants, any pretense of an independent press (media) became history. The media we trusted to be the eyes and ears of the public and keep us informed on issues that matter has become a water carrier for a  government that no longer enjoys our confidence.

We are governed by a socialist leaning Liberal – NDP coalition that controls 54.7% of the commons seats. It is supported in spirit by the Bloc Quebecois (9.5% of commons seats). The BQ can safely criticize the coalition in public as it will have no effect on governance, but it is a stage play not an expression of its ideology. The BQ represents the interest of Quebec, not the interests of Canada.

The Conservatives, with 35.2% of commons seats, have let us down by throwing brick-bats at the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers rather than attacking the coalition on governance issues such as dismal economic performance, the health care crisis, rapidly increasing inflation, punitive carbon taxes and unsustainable public debt.

The role of the official opposition is to hold the government’s feet to the fire on critical issues while offering sensible and viable solutions. That is not happening. The political party infighting is juvenile and not in the public interest. Politicians must focus on issues rather than the acquisition of power.

I am weary of observing a parliament that looks increasingly like Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party. Canadian deserve better than an arrogant, elitist political class whose main objective is to avoid accountability for the mess that it has created.

Sep. 3, 2022

Partnering with the World Economic Forum is not in the best interest of the people of Canada.

We do not need government digital identification in any form. Our private lives are just that – private and confidential. No government has the authority to require us to provide personal information except to manage services such as health care and only then under strict regulation to confine that information to its intended purpose.

A government that denies citizens the right to travel without revealing vaccination status is untrustworthy. The federal government has no justifiable reason to collect personal medical information. This is a political decision and does nothing to ensure public health safety.

Partnering with the WEF is not acceptable. The organization is unelected and accountable to no one. If you want a look at what this body of elitist nutbars is proposing, visit their website.

I keep track of their proposals and find them frightening. People who fly private jets to meetings in exotic locals cannot run our lives better than we can ourselves. We are not lab rats in the labs of a few billionaires’ experiments.

The world has billions of people living in totalitarian states clamouring to relocate to free democracies. There are no long lines of people in free nations risking all to join the slaves in socialist states. Wake up before we are led down a path to the unending sharing of misery.

Prime Minister Flutter By is committed to turning Canada into a slave state of the WEF. The actions of his government are clearly deliberate and intended to turn our free democracy into socialist misery.

Digital ID is the first step towards the control of a society. Beware of strangers bearing gifts. See The Epoch Times report


Aug. 28, 2022

Christian Paas-Lang of CBC News reports threats and intimidation of women in public life have intensified in recent weeks, with significant examples of abuse targeted toward politicians — most recently, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland — as well as activists and journalists.

For weeks, a group of journalists, particularly journalists of colour, have publicly shared a series of private, anonymous emails they've received. Those emails contained specific, targeted and disturbing threats of violence and sexual assault, as well as racist and misogynistic language. FULL REPORT.

Freeland does not represent women. She represents the Liberal Party of Canada and an increasingly abusive, authoritarian and autocratic government detached from the people it was elected to serve, not to rule.

The complaining scribes have collectively lost their moral compass, fail to ensure their musings are factual and balanced and have lost the right to call themselves journalists. Journalists have ethics, honesty, and integrity and will not produce slanted opinion pieces in place of factual news stories.

Added to that, the mainstream media has compromised its independence by accepting government grants. It is no accident that the same opinions are routinely expressed across allegedly independent cable, print, radio and television channels.

The media allowed itself to become the propaganda arm of an increasingly despised government.

We face the charred ruins of a once world-class healthcare system where emergency services are regularly curtailed, people are dying on long waiting lists for necessary medical treatment, and we have no family doctor to manage our efforts to remain in good health.

We face high inflation rates, erosion of our spending power and a potential recession that can only increase the ranks living in poverty. Homeless shelters and food banks are overrun with those who were self-sufficient two years ago. Our financial prospects look bleak.

Our government has shut down our multi-billion-dollar resource industry claiming to be saving us from the horrors of global warming, which is an unproven myth. Adding insult to injury, this government has introduced punitive carbon taxation designed to force us to use our vehicles less no matter how vital they may be to us.

We can believe that the world faces a carbon emission crisis when the proponents sell unneeded jets and meet via internet channels rather than routinely jetting off for press releases and photo opportunities to prove that they are enjoying life on our dime. Any actual work done is purely accidental and usually to our detriment.

Politicians and media personnel should be protected from attacks on their reputations and standing, but they must first establish reputations worthy of protection.

Disagreement is not oppression and argument is not assault. Words are not violent. The response to the dialogue we dislike is more dialogue. The current government refuses to engage with the people it serves and prefers to dictate rather than dialogue thereby earning our contempt.
The government's attitude toward people creates our attitude toward the government, its representatives and its propaganda arm. Our government is chasing ideologies that prevent us from living peacefully and prospering. There are consequences. It cannot shield itself from valid public criticisms.

Profanity is the result of a person's limited vocabulary, not a capital offence and does not diminish the complaint or argument raised. When governments attempt to silence critics, they are not proving that the people are wrong; they are telling us that they fear what they say.


Aug. 25, 2022

See report in Globe and Mail.

The Justin Trudeau – Olaf Scholz vaudeville skit on TV could have been headlined: “Layers of Lies.”

We have leaders of two western industrialized nations spouting nonsense about the green scheme both are committed to.

Neither has the backbone or courage to admit that they have not done a feasibility study of the carbon emission reduction plan invented by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They committed their nations and economies to a questionable theory that has never been critically examined or peer-reviewed.

Carbon dioxide is an odourless, colourless gas vital to the healthy growth of plant life on the planet. Without the oxygen produced by plant life, humans would perish. Inferring that carbon dioxide is a pollutant is a flat-out lie designed to deceive the unaware into believing the particulate matter and steam they see from industrial plants is carbon dioxide.

Canada and Germany are dependent on coal and petroleum products for the majority of their growing energy needs. If they were not, Germany would not be facing a bleak winter, and Canada would not be facing a potential depression or recession.

Refusal to develop our petroleum sector has resulted in heavy government borrowing which would not be necessary if we were developing, refining and exporting these natural resources. We ship millions of tons of coal to Asia from our west coast, but our governments and eco-freaks ignore that.

The real reason why Chancellor Scholz is here is to secure resources for Canadian minerals (cobalt, graphite, nickel and lithium) for automakers Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz to build batteries for electric vehicles. Mining and refining these minerals is enormously expensive and energy-consuming. The lie that electric vehicles are carbon neutral is repulsive.

The charade of Trudeau and Scholz pledging everlasting commitment to supporting Ukraine is laughable. Germany is dependent on Russian energy. Russia depends on energy exports to keep its economy afloat. Russian threats to cut of supplies to Europe ring hollow as it needs the money from export sales.

Canada has marginalized itself. It cannot, by design, step up to provide Europe with alternate energy sources. Trudeau’s bluster is meaningless. Hydrogen exports will require billions in refinery construction and investors have fled our erratic, irrational and unpredictable government.

Aircraft, artillery pieces, army convoys, armoured vehicles, cruise missiles, conventional missiles, ships and tanks do not operate on electrical or solar power but are vital to our national defence. It is more evidence that little attention has been paid to obvious areas where carbon emission reductions are not possible.

I am reminded of the years preceding the 2008 sub-prime housing market crisis. Banks, governments and financial institutions were all supremely confident in the strength of their system of international financial transactions. No one bothered to ask critical questions. It was assumed that various fiscal instruments were properly supported with tangible assets – until one day when a critical question was asked. It turned out that American mortgage-backed securities did not have the required asset support causing investors and bankers to have to write down asset values causing an upheaval in the financial markets.

We are in much the same position with the green scheme. No one is asking critical questions or measuring the impact of the hypothesis on various elements of our economy. The current arbitrary demand that we reduce fertilizer use does not take into account reduced food production in an increasingly hungry world. In the real world, cause and effect are meaningful.

A critical question is what effect will a reduction in Canada’s emissions have on world carbon emissions? The other question is what if carbon emission reductions have no measurable effect on climate change? Until those questions can be answered we live in a fool’s paradise.

Aug. 24, 2022

I fail to understand why we have an International Development Department at all. This is charity writ large. I don’t understand why our government is engaged in providing charity to foreign nations when we face high inflation, and our health care systems have collapsed.

One would expect a competent federal government would give priority to urgent domestic issues before dolling out $6.6 billion in charity to foreigners. That equals about $170 for every man woman and child in Canada or $680 for a family of four, and we don’t get a tax receipt for our contributions.

The Canadian constitution lists numerous services the federal government is responsible for and provides taxing powers to enable the government to provide those services.  Those services do not include charity to foreign nations or for domestic purposes. The International Development Department is unconstitutional.

Parliamentarians are free to create a charity they can contribute to, but do not have the legal or moral authority to engage in publicly-funded charity. Canadian residents have the right to decide how much of their income they will donate to causes they support. The federal government and many large employers will make provisions for payroll deductions for United Way contributions, but we receive a tax receipt for our contributions.

We have no obligation to engage in charity for foreign nations. Canada’s contribution to foreign aid in 1955 was $330 million on a budget of $4,787 million (0.69%). Canada’s population at the time was 15,733,934 equal to about $21.00 per person.

By 2000, Canada’s contribution to foreign aid had climbed to $4.3 billion, or 2.49% of expenditures or about $140 per person.

We elect governments to govern Canada, not to participate in world governance. Foreign aid, despite the billions spent by Canada, has had no discernible effect on world poverty nor has it diminished conflicts. There is no justification for the enormous increases in foreign aid.

$6.6 billion would go a long way toward training the medical professionals we need to ensure everyone has access to a family doctor and our hospitals are fully staffed 7/24. Our governments operate in a never-never land detached from reality.

Charity begins at home, taking care of family and neighbourhoods. They have destroyed our social safety net, squandering money on boutique international affairs while spending like misers in fulfilling the duties they are elected to oversee.

The bottom line is that there are no foreign junkets, photo ops or ribbon cuttings in providing us with the infrastructure and services needed by the public. We are governed by a self-serving government that has abandoned the people of Canada in favour of pretending that it matters on the world stage.

Millions of Canadians are lying awake wondering how they will be able to afford rapidly-escalating food prices. Food banks are overrun with demands from people who were self-sufficient two years ago. Prime Minister Flutter-by is oblivious to the harm he has wrought on us.

Backgrounder from Suleiman Al-Khalidi Amman of Reuters