Jan. 2, 2022

Wokeism: the triumph of emotion over fact

Appealing to feelings rather than logic and reason is detrimental to society. No intelligence is needed to become outraged over a perceived injustice.

The ‘woke’ are looking at societal development through today’s lenses while refusing to accept that societies evolve rather than making giant leaps forward. Expecting that nineteenth and twentieth century social standards and values can be thrust into twenty-first century habits overnight is ridiculous.

The most outstanding attribute of the ‘woke’ is a refusal to accept responsibility for the havoc they wreak. It is easy to feel betrayed, frustrated and discriminated against if one refuses to accept that personal choices and responsibilities are at play. Actions have inevitable consequences. Failure to act also results in consequences. Feelings are important, but within our control. If we fail to control our feelings of anger, jealousy, greed and vengeance, we will soon be surviving in a lawless anarchy.            


Mirko Bagaric wrote of The Australian on Dec. 28, 2021 that the ability of humans to overcome our feelings (including rage, fear and lust) and make evidence-based decisions is the single most important reason for our progress. The woke command to placate the feelings of select groups and fanatically pursue trendy causes while rejecting empirically grounded knowledge will only set back the flourishing of society. Mirko Bagaric is the dean of law at Swinburne University. Read more.