Jan. 4, 2022

Omicron virus may be a blessing in disguise

While the Omicron virus variant appears to be particularly contagious, and total case counts are rising rapidly, it does not seem as potent as its predecessors. Hospitalizations and deaths are not increasing at a similar pace.

Omicron may not be more potent than the common flu. If so, people will suffer a few days of discomfort, with one difference; they will also create covid antibodies and immunity to the disease.

Most Omicron infections are among the unvaccinated. If they suffer mild disease and develop immunity, they may no longer need vaccines.

It is increasingly apparent that mRNA therapies are not ‘vaccines’ and have a limited effect on boosting immunity that diminishes as time passes. Vaccinated people are Omicron victims.

When politicians make plans, angels giggle.

Our Prime Minister has just announced that boosting vaccination efforts is a top priority for 2022. Events and realities will probably knock his focus for a loop.
Testing facilities in several provinces are overwhelmed, and testing is confined to essential workers and vulnerable people. Since people with coronavirus symptoms can’t get tested, where are the caseload numbers coming from? Nothing is adding up.

Case counts are an inaccurate metric for measuring covid spread as they are an accumulation of active cases, recoveries and deaths with built-in double counts of components. During the holiday season, provinces are reporting numbers sporadically and then many only report partial numbers. Some report case totals only without reporting component parts. Until provinces can catch up on their reporting paperwork, covid statistics are meaningless. For example, Quebec reported 47,741 recoveries on Monday, January 3rd, resulting in a decrease of 32,463 in active cases. The media only reported the 15,293 increase in total cases as ‘new infections and 15 deaths (which also reduce the active case number) which is rubbish.     

Ontario is leading the way by making a fourth (!) booster shot available to vulnerable people. The mRNA therapies are not functioning as promised. People with two shots of the treatment are not protected. We are being blamed and isolated because we remain vulnerable to infection. We seem to be on a gerbil wheel running from covid strains but getting nowhere.

Some provinces report Omicron outbreaks in congregate residential facilities after promising to protect these facilities from future episodes.

Health care officials have announced that most of the face masks we use are inadequate, and we need better quality, better fitting masks to protect us and those around us. That is evidence that masking has been used as a placebo for nearly two years.

Health care officials are now telling us that we should use rapid test kits for covid and if we test positive isolate since we cannot get a PCR test. In addition, they tell us that it is our responsibility to advise close contacts that they have been exposed since contact tracing facilities are overrun.

If contact tracing facilities are overrun, no one checks to see how many of those who tested positive for covid have recovered.

Essential service workers, including hospital staff, are calling in sick and not available for work. They have stuck it out for two years, taking risks most of us can avoid, and fatigue is taking its toll. We can’t expect our front lines to suck it up and carry on indefinitely.

Health care officials and the governments they advise continue to pretend they can control covid spread. Failure to recruit and train backup staff for hospitals, testing facilities, contact tracing efforts and congregate residential facilities have come home to roost.

While this madness continues, our economy continues to be bludgeoned by covid regulations, and our cost of living is increasing rapidly. Two years of unrelenting fear-mongering have taken a terrible toll on our society. People are afraid to go to the supermarket for increasingly expensive food and supplies. The fear factor is palpable.

Governments are infamous for promising to save us from some invented hobgoblin. Covid is real, not some invention, but has been treated as something our governments can deal with. Omicron has proven that health care and government fixation on forcing mRNA therapies on everyone is not viable for reducing covid spread. Two shots and we are immune is unethical fiction.

Huge government bureaucracies respond ponderously to evolving situations and are notorious for failing to plan forward. We are paying a massive price for government incompetence. We can only hope that Omicron is benign and helps develop the herd immunity that mRNA shots failed to deliver.