Jan. 5, 2022

Trudeau's cynical manipulation of the masses on vaccines

The Post Millennial
January 3, 2022

A video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on a Quebec-based talk show went viral on Sunday. It showed Trudeau saying that people who don't support the vaccine are often racists and misogynists.

Trudeau appeared on the La Demaine des 4 Julie on September 17. This was during the 2021 federal election campaign, during which Trudeau turned vaccines into a political wedge issue.

In the interview, Trudeau said that "there are people who are opposed to vaccines, that don't believe in science, that are often misogynists, racist."


A government fear campaign must be powerful enough to ensure compliance with its regulations and a really good campaign will entice people to beg the government to save them from the peril they face.

Covid is invisible, and it is challenging to portray microscopic bits of protein hiding in the shadows to leap on passing people, choke off their ability to breathe and kill them.

Pre-vaccines, all of us were running the same risk of infection. Our Prime Minister was searching for a visible enemy to blame for government failures to diminish the spread of covid.

Vaccine mandate resistors were visible, vocal and ripe for exploitation. They were portrayed as enemies of society to be vilified and shunned. They became the reason why efforts to curb covid were not working.

Unvaccinated people became social outcasts with our willing participation. No one considered the ethics of creating social outcasts or whom else the government might designate for special treatment.    

Prime Minister Trudeau’s initiation and endorsement of this approach to our family members, friends and neighbours is a cynical manipulation of the masses. Too few have spoken out against this unethical and unacceptable treatment of free citizens living in a democracy ruled by law.

Our rights and freedoms cannot be overridden by bureaucrats without proving that the incursions are demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. No effort to justify Charter incursion has even been attempted.

Our standards and values as a society are damaged. We are not the caring, compassionate, empathetic, tolerant and understanding people we claim to be. Out governments have thrust us a long way back down the social evolution ladder.

Our Prime minister and Premiers have ignored their constitutional duty to show clear cause for their incursions on the rights and freedoms of some people more than others, and the freedoms of the majority. The Charter exists to limit the coercive power of governments and may never be ignored.

This just in:  Trudeau says Canadians are 'angry' and 'frustrated' with the unvaccinated 

No, Prime Minister. You are angry and frustrated and set up those who resist vaccinations as our enemies. You cannot shift the blame for your failure to limit the spread of covid to a small group of designated people who exercise no control over us. Vaccinated people are infected and going to hospitals. Health care workers are infected and unavailable for duty. We have fewer people to care for increasing victims.

Beating on the unvaccinated does not resolve the health care problems we face. Booster shots are not immediately effective. Vaccines are not immediately effective, have proven to have limited effect and are not the solution to covid infections. We need solutions, not more empty ranting.


This will be my last post on covid. We have too many people commenting and too few solutions. The web of deceit will collapse during 2022 as people wake up and realize they have been duped.