Mar. 9, 2022

Trudeau's great ambition toward the New World Order

To no one’s surprise, Prime Minister Trudeau is off on another taxpayer-funded junket to Europe.

His expensive efforts (estimated at over $8.6 million) to secure a seat on the UN Security Council failed. You may recall he was in southern Africa campaigning for support when the CODID crisis started. Trudeau did let a pandemic slow down his campaign. Ultimately his campaign failed.

Canada has been under pressure from NATO partners to increase defence spending for a couple of decades. Trudeau has taken the position that putting troops in the field and their expertise is equivalent to defence spending. The reverse is true. Defence spending ensures our military is adequately trained and equipped to respond to NATO calls for engagement. Who can forget that we sent our army to Afghanistan without the proper equipment for that environment? Defence is too vital for ambivalence and word games.

Canada is increasingly isolated as allies pledge more military funding in response to the Ukraine invasion. Trudeau is talking about extending Canada’s commitment to the NATO defensive force in Latvia but has made no firm commitment to increased defence spending. We are being shamed into doing our fair share. The spring budget will tell us if the government is serious or not.

Trudeau’s interest in the UN, NATO and the World Economic forum has nothing to do with Canada or its people. His ambition is to secure a safe place in the New World Order following the Great Reset. His failings as a Prime Minister pale into insignificance compared to what he can do even further removed from any hint of accountability. Here is a take on that aspect. 

We have a little tin soldier, devoid of brains, bravery and heart, blowing a rusty tin whistle on the world stage, unaware that no one takes him seriously.  

World domination plans by the UN and WEF have had a severe setback due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Unexpected interest in democracy, freedoms and rights has swept democratic nations. It is now more challenging to sell the concept of a ‘world order’ where member nations have no say in policies adopted by a faceless council.

The European Union experiment is failing. Running European nations from bunkers in Brussels reveals how badly governance by unelected bureaucrats is. Bad governments don’t get better; they become a drain on better governments. I doubt that any good governments still exist. If measured on a scale of how bad they are, none would rank over 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

We live in interesting times. The complacency of the political class has been severely shaken. Their backers have discovered that people still count (or cannot be ignored). Public expectations have resurfaced, and people are unhappy with the status quo.

Democracy has little value until it is lost, and we are perilously close to losing individual rights and freedoms. It took us over eight centuries to move from the rule of kings to the democratic protection of our rights and freedoms.

We would prefer not to start over.