Mar. 11, 2022

The Budapest Memorandum and how impacts Ukraine

From CTV, Friday, March 4
     As Russian forces continue to battle for control of some of Ukraine's most populous cities, experts have highlighted that Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invade the former Soviet Union republic is a direct violation of the Budapest Memorandum.
   According to the Wilson Center's Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, a global network of researchers and institutions studying international nuclear history, the Budapest Memorandum was struck in 1994 and was a key agreement in assuring Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity from Russia.
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History matters. In particular today, the history of Russia, the USA, Great Britain and Ukraine.

For those of us who consider a commitment a contract, this sheds new light on the Ukraine situation. The NATO position is pure posturing. An agreement to protect Ukraine from aggression has been broken. While Ukraine cannot become a NATO member Ukraine is protected from Russian invasion by Great Britain and the United States.

There is an opportunity to negotiate a settlement of the current war under the Warsaw memorandum. Putin withdraws from Ukraine or faces the wrath of the UK and its extended allies.

What we see instead is political waffling and mealymouthed diplomacy unworthy of world powers and members of the United Nations Security Council.    

Here is an assessment by US General Michael Flynn on the Warsaw memorandum.

I agree with General Flynn that Great Britain is the ideal lead nation for resolving this mess because there is less animosity between Russia and Great Britain than between Russia and the USA.

Putin needs a way out and Flynn has a proposal worthy of consideration.

The US administration is studying navel lint instead of leading. That has put us all at risk and we need someone to deal with a situation that should never have gotten so far out of hand.