Mar. 12, 2022

We're under the thumb of billionaire oil barons

As we stumble into yet another ‘energy crisis’ and high gasoline prices, I wonder how long it will take people to wake up and realize that a handful of billionaires are the root cause.

The people who own and control pipelines and refineries are content with their profits and do not want competition. Efforts to lobby the governments to restrict oil production are most prevalent in the USA, but Canada is also at play.

Refiners don’t care where the crude comes from; their profit is in refining the stuff.

US refiners were worried that Canada would become a crude exporter and devised a plan to attack pipelines. Producing crude is impossible if you cannot get the product to tidewater.

They have spent billions in a public relations effort to make pipelines a public enemy. Most of the pipeline protests we see in Canada are funded, directed, and managed by American billionaires.

At the same time, the UN has been pressing the world to reduce carbon emissions to transfer $ billions from developed nations to the third world. It’s a scheme aimed at shaming first-world countries to pour more “aid” into the third world. That is unlikely to happen without reducing the living standards of first-world nations.

Energy costs drive our economies. Second and third-world nations can’t develop without plentiful and inexpensive energy. The brutal truth is that so-called renewable energy resources, except for hydro-electrical power, are not viable energy sources and will not be for some time into the future.

Crude oil will continue to drive the engines of commerce and development for decades into the future. Try building a hydro project without diesel-powered equipment to build the dam and provide supplies. Try building a highway in a third-world nation to get its products to market without those same diesel-powered machines and trucks.

The Ukraine conflict has highlighted the stupidity of keeping vast oil reserves in the ground while importing oil from totalitarian regimes. We are funding dictators and tyrants so that a privileged few can continue to be privileged.

No one is delighted to pay $2 or more per litre for gasoline and the added transport costs for most everything we buy.
We already see that in terms of rising energy prices and increased inflation.

Europe and the UK are in dire straights due to dependence on Russian energy imports. Canada should be exporting crude and natural gas to Europe. Still, our government chooses to penalize us for diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles without having any affordable, reliable alternative to turn to.

The government has deliberately shut down oil patch development and pipeline construction, ensuring that one of our most productive economic engines sits idle. It is hard to imagine anything more dangerous or stupid.

Those billionaires can’t operate without government collusion. One can only imagine the extent of the graft involved. A few $ million in party election support is a small price to pay for the continued comfort of oil barons.

If you’re offended, it is time to say so and demand that our oil and gas sector be given equal opportunity to grow and thrive. What you have to gain is a continuation of an affordable lifestyle.