Apr. 6, 2022

Freedom Convoy lives on against all odds

Shunning politics does not work. The precept that we cannot change how government operates is not correct. We can force change by getting involved. We don’t need to run for office. We do need to find ethical and honest representatives and work with them.                  

Despite the best efforts of the federal government to demonize, criminalize and bully the freedom convoy members and supporters, millions of Canadians still feel that they stood up for principles they consider valid.

Excessive and unwarranted interference in our personal lives has gone beyond tolerance level.

Government reaction to criticism of totalitarian regulations is unacceptable in a free democracy. Our democracy is rooted in the freedom of expression. We are free to criticize what we disagree with and stand up for what we believe.

We believe in the equality of people. We accept that prejudice toward people based on ethnic origin, skin colour, limited abilities, and other factors is wrong, but so are programs that elevate their status rather than combatting prejudice.

We believe in the equality of opportunity, not the equality of social order or financial means.

Freedoms include the right to make mistakes and to be wrong. The right to equality of opportunity carries personal responsibility for our decisions. We cannot blame others for our bad choices, which has become a mantra in our society.

Our society has become increasingly fractured in recent years. Government programs are primarily to blame. The political class knows that if we are fighting among ourselves, we are less likely to hold them to account.

Political parties shun communications with the people they serve, as we are a fractious lot prone to call them out for dumb decisions and policies. They prefer to bicker among themselves, pretending that they can govern us better than their opponents or that we can govern ourselves.

We don’t want to be governed except in our best interests. The interests of political parties are not even a serious consideration.

They exist to serve the people they represent.

Since political parties have grown comfortable avoiding their responsibilities, we have to provide an alternative where our freedom of expression is recognized, valued and utilized. That requires engagement.

We cannot achieve governance of the people unless we have people willing to take a few hours each year to express their opinions, debate policies and provide guidance to our representatives. We can bridge the chasm between political parties and the people if we choose to do so.

Please make no mistake; our fundamental freedoms are at stake. Government plans to censor our freedom of expression are the next steps toward socialist serfdom. This is the time to gather the strength we found during the freedom convoy drive to Ottawa and make our objectives known.

We will not be bullied into servility by the political elite and their supporters.

We are a free people, united in freedoms and our right to choose representatives accountable to us and no other entity. Let’s send a clear message to parliament that the days of ruling us are over.