Apr. 12, 2022

Dragging us along for the climate change ride

Governments are wasting our money on experiments that consistently fail.

An initial review of the federal budget tabled lastThursday confirms that the Liberal Socialist Democrat (LSD) Party, created by a written agreement between the Liberals and NDP, has made a Canada of the illusions and hallucinations of a government experimenting with a psychedelic drug.

The Trudeau-Singh cabal has doubled down on its commitment to carbon emission reduction.

It is disconcerting since we have no reliable scientific evidence that carbon dioxide is responsible for changes in our climate or global warming.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) theorized that (1) the globe was warming; and (2) that the industrial revolution was likely to blame. The IPCC then proceeded to fund several universities to study the theory, including an attractive administration fee for the willing universities.

That led Dr. Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University with co-authors Raymond S. Bradley and Malcolm K. Hughes to publish a paper in 1998 and a follow-up, including the infamous ‘hockey stick’ graph, in 1999. The graph has been discredited, as none of the predictions have come close to accuracy in the two decades since. Dr. Mann has steadfastly refused to produce his climate models for peer review.

The IPCC has been on a 20-year fear mongering campaign to convince us that the human race is doomed if we do not curtail carbon emissions. It is revealing that nations that cannot control wars or genocide, cannot control infectious disease, cannot control illicit drugs or curb crime believe that they can harness climate change by subscribing to an unproven theory. That is sheer madness.

Governments are pouring $ billions into the development of ‘clean energy’ that has proven to be over acclaimed, underperforming and unreliable. We are not at a point where technology can produce reliable renewable energy sources. When the technology is ready, private enterprises will produce renewable sources more efficiently and effectively than any government.

Keeping oil and gas reserves in the ground is pure fantasy. Blocking petroleum production in Canada has a significant adverse effect on our economy and prevents the third world and smaller economies from becoming self-sustaining. These nations need cheap, reliable power to build their economies, and they need gasoline and diesel fuel to build airports, railways, roads, bridges and ports to get their products to market and import the goods they cannot produce.

Over time we can transition to more clean energy sources, but the current war in Ukraine has shown us just how dependent we are on traditional energy sources. It has also highlighted how vulnerable we are to non-climate interruptions in our food supply.

The IPCC and its devotees, including Prime Minister Trudeau, may chase rainbows until they perish like Icarus, but they have no authority to drag us along for the ride. Carbon taxes are a useless effort to shame us into giving up our freedoms to a nonsensical ideal when they drive up our cost of living and threaten our living standards.

Government stupidity has a price paid for by the citizens they are threatening. Trudeau and Singh need a harsh reality check. Prosperity has to be earned, and we cannot expand the social safety net until our books are balanced, our debt paid down, and we have surplus cash to fund the expansion.

We cannot carry on building castles on quicksand and avoid the catastrophe of a deep depression. We are well down the wrong road, and re-electing Trudeau is the equivalent of backing up the Titanic for another run at the iceberg.

We have learned that recessions are painful. We have passed the recession turn-off on the current economic trajectory and are headed for much worse.

Before you send rebuttals to my view, consider that if the IPCC turns out to be dead wrong, no one is accountable or will lose a job and all the perks they enjoy.

Do you think the IPCC earned a Nobel Prize for misleading billions of people into a path to a fantasy land? They should all be hung from the nearest lamp post and left to rot.

Rescind all carbon taxes and stop all funding of “green” initiatives. Alternate energy sources will be developed when they are economically feasible. Until then, governments are wasting our money on experiments that consistently fail.

Private enterprise is not that stupid although a few take advantage of government green scheme subsidies.