Apr. 16, 2022

Ruled by LSD party propaganda – chapter 3

An initial review of the federal budget tabled Thursday confirms that the Liberal Socialist Democrat (LSD) Party, created by a written agreement between the Liberals and NDP, has made a Canada of the illusions and hallucinations of a government experimenting with a psychedelic drug.

The Trudeau-Singh cabal has no idea of how to manage an economy.

The political class is determined to perpetuate the myth that economics is a complex topic that only a few enlightened specialists understand. After all, universities offer degrees in economics.

The average Canadian has a far better grasp of economics than any government in Canada. When expenses exceed income, action is required. Non-essential spending has to stop until expenses are below income.

We have to have include an unallocated sum for unanticipated expenses or reductions in income. We get hit with a drug or dental bill we had not expected, or some idiot imposes a new tax on goods or services that are not discretionary.

We are just as prone to unexpected variations in income and expenses as a government. The only difference is the size of the numbers.

We can put off cutting non-essential spending by using credit (borrowing), but that adds to our problems as we have to repay the loans plus interest. We avoid going deeper into debt as it will quickly become unmanageable. Governments don’t use common sense and continue to spend on non-essentials with borrowed money.

Interest payments gradually limit the funds available for essential spending. Governments are quick to tell us that they have to curtail spending on education and health care due to a reduction in income.

That is a flat-out lie. They have a constitutional obligation to fund education and health care. If they are short of funds, they have to cut back on spending not enumerated in the constitution.

The recent Bank of Canada increase in base interest rates affects us all. Interest rates for loans and mortgages will increase proportionately. Fewer people will qualify to buy a house, and some homeowners with large mortgages will not be able to make larger payments.

Business owners will have to pay more for their loans, increasing the costs of the goods and services we buy from them.

We are facing inflation driven by carbon taxes and supply chain problems. Increasing lending rates increases inflation in the short term.

The primary victims of inflation are wage earners. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of a dollar. The item we could purchase for $100 two years ago now costs $115. When wage increases do not keep up with inflation, our standard of living decreases.

Getting back to kitchen table economics, if our expenses exceed income, we have to cut back on things we want but don’t need. However, we are victims of our choices.

We have no control over irresponsible spending that results in government-driven inflation. We have no means to require governments to focus on necessary spending and stop the debt hemorrhage.

Prime Minister Trudeau claims that his government provided unprecedented support to individuals and businesses impacted by COVID. That is another lie. His government’s approach to combatting COVID created an economic disaster for millions of Canadians. That is what is unprecedented.

A British university professor, since discredited,  hatched the lockdown and isolation policies the Trudeau administration chose to combat COVID. His computer models were wildly wrong. He had a record of poor predictions, but he also had a voice in the World Health Organization that blindly followed his advice.   

The Trudeau COVID combat plan is a hugely expensive, failed mess. It did not stop the spread of an infectious disease, and provincial governments no longer bother to track infections and recoveries accurately. They have abandoned Trudeau’s mandates.

It is frightening that climate change combat is underpinned by the computer models of an American university professor whose predictions have been discredited. The IPCC has studiously ignored volumes of valid criticism by climate scientists insisting that “the science is settled.”

That is yet another lie. Science is the art of questioning and testing everything we think we know. Development and improvement of our knowledge are the results.

We have no reason to believe that fixation with carbon emission reduction will be better. It is an unproven theory created under political pressure and suspect from the outset.

It is frightening that Mr. Singh is crowing about having forced Mr.
Trudeau to spend on programs Trudeau might not have spent given a choice. Both are ignoring the potential negative impacts on our economy and society. They are ignoring the fundamentals of kitchen table economics.

Balancing income and expenses with a reserve for the unexpected is the core of economics. Millions of Canadians find their amounts of discretionary (non-essential) spending has disappeared.

Government assurances that our economy is in great shape are not supported by rapid increases in the cost of necessities. The budget is an exercise In propaganda prepared by a government unwilling to control its vices.

Our uncertain future results from imposed ideologies, and the path forward is unclear. Promises to restart our economy without detail as to how are unacceptable.

The overall message is that the Trudeau administration is working on issues with details to follow. That is the approach of a government in disarray, not the leadership. We have sound reason to suspect that irresponsible governance is heading us into hard times for individuals and families.

More government propaganda. Emperor Trudeau’s fancy clothes.