Apr. 27, 2022

Confederate flag raises questions around local hate-symbol laws

Original story – Confederate flag outside Hamilton home raises questions around local hate-symbol laws

Some people have entirely too much time on their hands.

The flag of the Confederate States in the American Revolutionary War has long been referred to as the “rebel flag.” The confederate states were seen as rebelling against federal law abolishing slavery.

Progressive and woke elements in our society have decided the confederate flag represents hatred without a shred of evidence this is the case.

Rebellion against authority is as old as dirt. Whether Ms Archibald-Varley cares to admit it, rebellion underpinned the Magna Carta and all of the subsequent British common law that gives us the individual freedoms and rights we enjoy today.

Our society is at risk of losing its freedoms but not due to a neighbour displaying a confederate flag. We are inundated with self-appointed, self-righteous busy-bodies determined to interfere in the freedoms of others to express themselves as they see fit.

If Ms Archibald-Varley soils her underwear at the sight of a confederate flag, that is her problem and she cannot make it ours. Political correctness had gone off the deep end. Our freedom of expression is constantly attacked by those who waggle a finger while intoning: “You can’t say that.”

And why not?

Those who seek to censor us try to force their standards and belief on us, no matter how ill-considered and foolish they are.

Millions of us are smarting over the insane regulations governments invoked over the past two years. When we are prevented from visiting relatives dying in hospital, and when they do pass on, prevented from holding a funeral service, something is very wrong. When these twits announced we could not have visitors to our homes, our homes became our prisons, not our castles.

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” – George Orwell.

Too many in our society take their freedoms for granted when freedoms and rights require eternal vigilance to ensure they remain intact. It must not be left to governments or organizations to protect us.

We each must defend ourselves, our families, and our communities from those who attempt to impose their beliefs, standards, and values.

It is no coincidence that all provinces withdrew virus regulations last month, nor is it a coincidence that most provinces only report case numbers weekly and then, for the most part, the number of cases and deaths. They no longer track recoveries or current cases. They switched to a different system and now track hospitalizations.

From Mid-April 2021 to Mid-April 2022, the number of cases reported increased by 298%, while the deaths increased by 158%. Sadly, while only 4% of cases reported involved persons in personal care facilities, 44% of the deaths reported were in personal care facilities.

It is fair to question the effectiveness of the medical treatments and the excess of regulations. Whether the medical treatments slowed the effects or spread of the viruses is conjecture.

Governments and health care officials are in a conflict of interests and are not about to admit that they might have been wrong.

Health care officials insist that regulations ought not to have been lifted, but how can they now contend otherwise after two years? Covid combat turned into a putrid mess.