May. 14, 2022

Unbelievable deceit, dishonesty and treachery on COVID

Suddenly the mainstream media is full of stories about COVID-19 deaths being badly under-reported. (See the links at the end)

That is a stunning admission of mishandling of the COVID crisis. If, as alleged, COVID deaths are not correctly reported, all other COVID data reported is equally suspect.

Health care officials in every jurisdiction in Canada have used faulty data to create computer models and formulate COVID regulations. That is disgusting.

The cause seems to be an inadequate, outdated manual system of gathering inconsistent virus-related data from province to province.

I have been tracking reported COVID data since mid-May 2020. It took until mid-July 2020 for any reports on recoveries. By mid-November 2020, seven months into the pandemic, data was consistent enough to allow tracking of day-to-day changes, which I have done since.

Over time, I have noted that COVID data changes sporadically as one province or another will report corrections in data, most often but not always to recovery data. There have also been significant changes in deaths reported, and cases reported.

As of mid-April 2022, provinces update COVID data weekly rather than daily and report only total cases and deaths. For some time, they have not reported updates on weekends.

We have been told repeatedly that we have to “follow the science” for over two years now. It is disconcerting to discover that “science” is based on unreliable data.

I doubt that I am alone in feeling we have been hoodwinked and deceived and that covid combat measures have been wrapped in dishonesty, deceit and secrecy. Do the ends justify the means?

The economic, psychological and personal financial costs of COVID regulations are staggering, and it will require many years to recover. Almost everyone has had their lives rudely disrupted and been made afraid of the COVID spectre, so much so that they seek to maintain regulations when they no longer exist.

Meanwhile, our federal government maintains COVID regulations that prohibit travel for millions of Canadians in continued violation of their charter rights. The distance between the Prime Minister’s Office and the realities the public suffers under continues to widen. Is no one awake or aware in the centre block baboon cage? Pouting in the corner instead of accepting and correcting an error is unacceptable.