May. 30, 2022

U.S. gun reform keeps failing in the face of unspeakable tragedy

Days after the Texas school shooting, U.S. Senators are taking a break. Gun control may have to wait

Blaming guns for mass shootings is as silly as blaming automobiles for drunken driving. The media has outdone itself reporting on an "unspeakable tragedy."

We watched as religion was banned from schools because some people were offended. As a result, we have generations that never learned about the universal tenets of orderly and peaceful societies.

I do not favour reintroducing religion to the education system. We need courses in humanities where children explore the fundamentals of society, such as respect for others, the principles of freedoms and rights, that we must not impose our beliefs on others and how we interact with one another. We need to cover how to cope with failure, feelings of isolation, and fear and that life is much more than a competition for the most money and prestige.

We are creating walking time bombs that will explode, harming innocent people and families until we do. Media and political figures insist the Texas incident is inexplicable. They will not accept that we have broken societies and that people shoved to the fringes are angry, hurt, resentful and ready to explode in acts of violence. As long as we create an underclass of people who perceive they are not treated as equals and are resentful, violence will continue. The people on the fringes are ripe for exploitation by extremists, left and right. Socialism continues to fail because central planning does not work. However, our governments believe in central planning powers irrespective of the harm to society.  

We watched as schools shifted from striving for excellence to seeking participation to avoid damaging fragile egos. We reward students for lacklustre participation in their classes.

Predictably, young men who are socially awkward in their late teens and early twenties are resentful because they feel isolated and left out. Many adults in their lives flee from personal responsibility. Instead of making amends or apologizing for harm to others, they blame the environment, poverty or anything else on a long list of grievances as the cause for their actions and behaviour. They claim to be victims of circumstance.

We have a social problem, not a gun problem. One of Prime Minister Trudeau’s first acts in office was to rescind Criminal Code provisions that added to the sentence of anyone employing a gun in a criminal act. Blame guns, not the people using them. We are far down the wrong track.

The majority of Canadians are decent people, good friends and neighbours. They cannot understand how anyone could lash back at perceived social injustice by murdering children. That is foreign to their standards and values. Few people understand the threat posed by Prime Minister Trudeau’s designation of the COVID unvaccinated as a threat to society. Their offence was to resist orders by the government to be vaccinated.

The threat is that none of us know who will be the next group designated a threat for not following government mandates. That is how totalitarianism works. Obey or face the consequences. Our federal government is still penalizing Canadians in violation of their charter rights and our constitution.

I am soon taking a vacation flight, but I have to prove vaccine compliance to get on an aircraft and wear a mask at the airport and in-flight despite those restrictions being lifted across the country. I do not respect governments unwilling to admit they made significant errors in their COVID regulations.