Jun. 26, 2022

Freeland juggling to solve the problem she created

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland CBC's Rosemary Barton Live that she must strike a balance between helping Canadians suffering from the effects of inflation and pursuing a policy of fiscal restraint — or risk making the cost of living problem worse. Freeland, who also serves as deputy prime minister, said she was open to further action on affordability issues but that she believes measures already under way — worth $8.9 billion — would help alleviate the impact on Canadians. FULL COMMENT

Freeland is an arrogant, elitist, pompous poseur repeating what we have known for many years. Her government is spending us into poverty and the vultures are fretting uneasily on the sidelines.

Our economic disaster has nothing to do with COVID. It is entirely due to the government’s approach to combatting a virus.

It is not difficult to calculate that when our government simultaneously shut down the oil and gas sector of the economy, imposed surreal ‘carbon taxes’ based on political, unscientific ideology and shut down major sectors of the economy for two years it was creating an economic crisis.

Government counter-measures to combat the fallout from people unemployed by closure edicts and businesses failing due to lack of income were made on the fly, poorly framed, lacked oversight, enhanced the incomes of people who had not earned it, and left tens of thousands of others with nothing. Its economic measures have sharply increased interest payments for decades to come, restricting money available for services the government is constitutionally responsible for.

The role of the federal government is to create an economic climate where investments are welcome and protected, where individuals and corporations can thrive in an open free enterprise system limited only by laws that prohibit price-fixing and ensure open competitiveness in every sector.

Instead, we have a centrist socialist government micromanaging every aspect of our economy and failing us in the process. When our federal government does not have a single department operating efficiently and effectively, we have every reason to be irate. If the cabinet cannot keep its house in order, it is incapable of managing the economy or anything else.

The whole of the Trudeau government is an act; an ideological stage play written by buffoons who are so ‘woke’ they ignore the fundamental principles of economics and law while ignoring our social standards and values. This exercise in replacing democracy with central government control failed.

When Trudeau used the media to declare anyone who had not complied with his government’s vaccination mandates was an enemy of society and the state, the tyrant was revealed.

Oil and gas workers were dumped on the scrap heap without concern. The unvaccinated were hounded unmercifully and turned into second-class citizens on a Prime Ministerial whim. Millions of private-sector workers were thrown out of employment when their employer’s businesses were shuttered by government fiat. We are left to wonder who is next?

This is the 26 June 2022. In four days rents and mortgages come due. The costs of gasoline and groceries have increased dramatically. Everyone has less disposable income. Inflation shows no signs of abating. A crisis for millions is four days away and will be worse next month.

Our government’s job is to foresee and avoid the economic crisis it created. Our economy cannot recover and thrive until the government stops playing footsy with favourite and returns to democratic governance with a level, fair playing field devoid of government favourites and interference.

That's Freeland’s attempt to avoid accountability for the economic crisis her government created is disgusting.