Jul. 9, 2022

Apology for racism faced by all-black unit in First World War

The Canadian Press reported July 9 that federal government and Armed Forces officials would be in Nova Scotia to issue a formal apology for the treatment of Canada's only all-black unit to serve in the First World War.

The move follows consultations with descendants of the 600 members of the No. 2 Construction Battalion, described as heroes by Defence Minister Anita Anand when she announced plans for the apology in March. See the history of the No. 2 Construction Battalion  


I am thoroughly tired of this opportunistic Prime Minister running around making apologies.

WW-I ended 53 years before he was born. I don’t care what or how the Trudeau woke group views our history. You can’t view 20th-century events through 21st-century glasses. Times change and society evolves, usually for the better.

A long-belated apology from politicians who did not participate in the events is worthless.

The No. 2 Construction Battalion volunteers understood what subjugation is and were determined not to let it rise in their Canada. Our government and military were less astute to our everlasting shame.      

We must celebrate the contributions of members of the No. 2 Construction Battalion who overcame prejudice to serve their nation and proved their worth. They deserve a monument in the National War Museum as a tribute to patriots who overcame the odds to serve and protect.

Their offspring and supporters should be proud of the achievements of these volunteers. They helped pave the way to a more inclusive society and deserve to be honoured. Each of the 600 stood for the standards and values that they believed in.

No smarmy political apology can come close to matching that.