Jul. 12, 2022

Surging energy prices should drive green transition, says Freeland

The Canadian Press reports that Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says the federal government is absolutely concerned about inflation, but dismissed critics who called her callous and out of touch for suggesting the high cost of gas is a reminder of why we need to transition to greener energy solutions.

Calls for the government to provide more immediate relief to Canadians struggling to fill their cars and feed their families have piled up even as clean energy experts agree the incentive for Canadians to go greener is stronger than ever before. FULL REPORT

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Freeland is also Finance Minister. Her detachment from reality is astonishing and unacceptable.

The ‘green transition’ is in its infancy and not ready for prime time. A few years ago, Germany was confident that its engineers and scientists would easily meet IPCC carbon reduction targets. Fast forward to 2021 and Germany announced it would not meet current IPCC targets. The European Union had declared that LNG is green compliant.

Most European nations recognize that they are petroleum depended for energy needs and will be so for some time.Germany and the UK are forced to recommission coal-fired generating plants to meet their energy needs. European nations can’t meet their energy needs without petroleum products from Russia or an alternate source. Some of the finest engineers and scientists in the world have failed to transition their nations to a green economy.

Freeland lives in a dream world if she thinks Canada will be an exception.

Freeland and Trudeau cannot make a green transition workable through government policies and regulations. They can’t even twin an existing pipeline without creating a financial disaster. It is clear they have no understanding of Canada’s energy needs or that the green transition is a failure.

Our objective must be to tap into our petroleum reserves, build refineries and pipelines, and make Canada energy self-sufficient for the next couple of centuries. That is how we ensure stable energy pricing independent of world markets.

Canada has more petroleum reserves than the entire Middle East. Becoming a major petroleum producer will stabilize prices. Canada can export petroleum to third-world nations at a reasonable cost allowing them to build the infrastructure they need to develop their economies.

Pipeline technology has vastly improved over the past two decades. Monitoring equipment and safety practices reduce the possibility of ruptures and spills. We need to replace old pipelines with new not turn arable acreage into solar panel deserts.

Wind turbines are horrendously expensive, have a short (25-year) life span, are expensive to decommission and no one has figured out how to recycle the gargantuan turbine blades.

When realities are disappointing Trudeau and Freeland retreat into unrealistic and unreasonable fantasies. The IPCC carbon emissions targets were created by unaccountable and unelected UN bureaucrats. Freeland’s job is to protect us from these charlatans, not to rush to do their bidding.

We have no idea if carbon emission reductions will have any effect on our climate or weather. However, usurious diesel and gasoline and runaway inflation are stark realities that we face daily.

The green transition is a dangerous and useless exercise in unscientific ideology that fails to meet the everyday needs of our society.