Jul. 18, 2022

Woke activists are intently, purposefully rewriting Canadian history


Chris George wrote in The Niagara Independent on July 15: When reflecting on Canadian history these days it seems to be, at best, an exercise of self-flagellation and, at worst, the expunging of historical facts to promote specific narratives. Woke activists are intently, purposefully rewriting Canadian history and their actions are being furthered – in some cases sponsored – by the Trudeau Government. It is the oft quoted George Orwell who wrote, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” See his FULL COLUMN.

I don’t often disagree with Mr. George, but in my opinion, the “woke” activists, aided and abetted by our government, are expunging (erasing) our history as it does not comply with their world view.

When we allow proponents of a new world order to erase anything they find offensive, they erase all traces of our social evolution. We cannot take pride in that evolution without some past experiences to compare to. Woke activists are destructive vandals who oppose our social standards and values.

Negating pride in our nation, patriotism and our espousing of compassion and respect for one another cannot have a positive effect. At the core of our society is an obligation to family, neighbours and community. In return for the unlimited opportunity we have, we accept personal responsibility for our actions and behaviour.

The basis for our common law legal system is the protection of the individual person from intrusion on their person and property. This system of legal rights is set out in precedents developed over the past eight centuries. The woke mob wants to replace that with – nothing.

Politicians learn little from history and are prone to repeat past errors, or more correctly, to use the same tired tactics that worked in the past. It is no accident that when we face inflation caused by government mismanagement, rumblings of war are in the wings.

An old-fashioned war will distract the public from anger over government ineptitude. We do not need or want civil unrest or war. If we had governments with principles and spines, they would have put a load of buckshot in Putin’s north end within 60 days of his invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s sacking of Ukraine and genocide of its people are not acceptable in a civilized world. When such actions are not met with deadly force, we lose the right to consider ourselves civilized. We are barbarians willing to watch 43.4 million people murdered for being who they are.

The woke mob ignores Ukraine as there is no gain for them in the conflict.