Jul. 23, 2022

My supply of tolerance is totally exhausted

I never cared that someone was gay or whatever acronym was in use at the time for same-sex pairings until they decided I was obliged to cater to their feelings and whims. I am not so obliged. They can get on with their lives and I will do the same with mine.  

I never believed that skin colour mattered until ‘people of colour’ decided that I am obliged to overlook their personal demeanour and failings. I am not so obliged.

I never cared about others’ political affiliations as we have the freedom of belief and choice in Canada. I will not allow attempts to attack me because of my political stand. 

I have never been concerned about where my neighbour or his family came from. I reject the notion that anyone should be condemned for where they or their ancestors were born or the history that makes them who they are. 

We have always had people who were well off and others who are poor in comparison. The idea that those who are industrious and reap the benefit of their efforts should be condemned for success is repulsive. 

I respect a person’s right to beliefs that are different from mine but draw the line when people attack me for my beliefs. 

My supply of tolerance is exhausted. Canada is a nation of equals, where legally and socially everyone has the same freedoms and rights.

We all start out with a blank slate. How we exercise our freedoms and rights will result in where we fit in society. Our actions, attitudes and behaviours govern the results or lack thereof. We are responsible for ourselves and our conduct. 

Historically, we have worked together for the betterment of our families, communities and nation and have done so since long before confederation. 

Our Charter of Freedoms and Rights was a good step in the right direction as it limits the powers of governments. However, our freedoms and rights have limits; we cannot claim rights that infringe on the equal rights of others.

The emergence of human rights legislation is the result of cynical government efforts to gain votes by catering to special interests who want to prosper without effort or taking responsibility for themselves.  

We enjoy the equality of opportunity and can do with that what we will. I will not tolerate those who demand equality of outcome. If they squander their opportunities, they must learn to live with the results. Refusing to participate is not an option. 

People of every background and nationality imaginable have come to Canada and thrived. Others have had limited results from their efforts, but that difference is centuries old and will not change. 

We cannot reshape society through legislation. We don’t have to. We must return to the social standards and values that succeeded before politicians began making decisions for us without our consent. The results speak for themselves. Their capacity for ineptitude is staggering. 

The political class has destroyed the nation our forefathers built. If we want our great nation back, we have to adhere to the standards and values of our grandfathers. They created lasting institutions that current politicians revile to our detriment. 

Our political class flees any form of accountability. When challenged it produces a litany of excuses not unlike the special interest groups that want economic equality without the effort required. 

Canadians are disenfranchised. They have no say in their governance. The people they elect to represent them represent the greedy interests of their political party instead. 

That is an unacceptable dereliction of duty as well as a cynical disregard for their oath of office to serve the people and nation to the best of their ability. Promoting a corrupt and unethical political party is not serving the people who elected them.