Jul. 24, 2022

Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces object

Brian Lilley writes in the  Toronto Sun on July 22 that Provincial agriculture ministers are frustrated with the Trudeau government over plans to reduce fertilizer use by Canada’s farmers in the name of climate change. 

Farm groups, like the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, have said the federal plan will reduce crop output, reduce income for farm families and increase food prices in Canadian grocery stores.

While ministers Thompson, Horner and Marit all ran successful farming and ranching operations before entering politics, Bibeau was an international development bureaucrat and operated a tourism-related small business.
     Similar plans to reduce fertilizer use have resulted in mass protests in Europe, in particular the Netherlands. Lilley’s FULL STORY


Let’s start with the obvious question. Why does the federal government have an agriculture department? Agriculture is a local, provincial concern. Provisions for federal intrusion under Section 96 of the constitution do not require a federal department and bureaucracy to administer.  

Our federal government is comprised of mostly urban representatives who are clueless about life outside the perimeters of their urban area. Federal and provincial governments have turned our major metropolitan areas into crime-ridden unaffordable hell-holes through a lack of rational planning. Our major cities are unsustainable at present which is repugnant for a government proudly claiming a commitment to a sustainable future for all.

The same governments that cannot manage major cities are not capable of dealing with rural concerns and have produced no evidence to support the need for a reduction in alleged fertilizer emissions. Fertilizer use is directly connected to production yields and will have a negative impact.  

Nitrous oxide (N2O) (laughing gas) has been used for over a century as an anesthetic and an analgesic. Note that Ms Bibeau conveniently ignores the fact that nitrous oxide is a by-product of government-mandated catalytic converters on vehicles.

Finally, and most importantly, the most prevalent and active greenhouse gas is water vapour. Water in our atmosphere reflects solar energy back into space and prevents us from frying like fish in a pan.

Our Prime Minister is fully committed to the ideology and efforts of the UN, IPCC, WEF and WHO to create a new world order where nations and their sovereignty become subsidiaries of a  European Union on steroids. The EU is the trial balloon to prove that central planning and supervision of nations can work. The NWO will be a multiple of the EU chaos.

The original Kyoto Protocol, drafted on 1997 and in force since 2005 was created as a vehicle to transfer wealth from industrialized nations to the third world. There is no peer-reviewed scientific research underlying the global warming theory.

Instead of a scientific approach to climate, governments went to extraordinary lengths to destroy any scientists who challenged UNFCCC  junk science. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a part of the UNFCCC, not an independent or scientific body.

Our governments stink of the elitist, snobbish power-mad political class convinced that it can create a wonderful new world if only they can acquire power over the great unwashed masses, deplorables and other derogatory phrases with which they refer to people they consider beneath them.

All we need to do is give up the equality, freedoms and rights we have gained over the past 800 years and the political class and their elitist supporters will be ecstatic.