Jul. 30, 2022

Ottawa mum on Plans for new tools to fight ‘extremistideology’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in late May that “new tools” were needed to combat a host of threats, such as “misinformation,” social media being “weaponized,” and “right-wing terrorism,” but various government departments contacted by The Epoch Times provided few details on what those tools might be, reports Noé Chartier in The Epoch Times.

This is the ultimate hypocrisy. The extremist ideology destroying our nation originates with the WEF, WHO and UNFCCC, aided and abetted by our Prime Minster’s Office, totally committed to the extremist New World Order.

In addition, the POM has asserted itself in the Canadian Media by doling out millions in subsidies to the print media owned by the multimedia giants that dominate our public mainstream news. We no longer enjoy the free press guaranteed in our Charter.

Government subsidies come with strings attached and it is no accident that our media not only treats this government with kid gloves but that the messaging is consistent irrespective of what station we tune into or what paper we read. That is not possible without centralized control.

The fixation on media control and blind adherence to ideologies such as climate change, allowing appointed and unaccountable medical advisors to impose regulations under dubious emergency legislation and centralized management of all nations irrespective of harm done to Canada’s economy and standard of living is wreaking havoc on our society.

While this nonsense is driving the PMO, the fundamental services the federal government is responsible for sit neglected. It is significant that in April 2020 the first government department to run from having to deal with the public was Service Canada. Apparently, the public portal to government agencies and services is not an essential service.

Throughout the federal government, very few services were considered essential. Employees from most departments were told to work from home despite the government and its departments not having the electronic infrastructure to make that possible. Many departments are still operating on a partial work-at-home basis including the IRCC which is responsible for passports and Canada Revenue.      

The breakdown in our health care system was predictable. We have the highest expense per capita and the worst outcome. We have the largest health care administrative bureaucracy in the world which is no surprise.

However, we do not have enough doctors, nurses and support personnel to allow people access to a family doctor and hospital emergency rooms are closing due to a lack of staff. There is no quick fix. Training medical professionals takes time and we have not even started attracting trained people from other jurisdictions. The dereliction of duty is astounding.

We have a federal government up to its ears in extremist ideology and afraid of the outraged public it has utterly failed. It is turning to demeaning us and employing censorship and regulation to avoid valid criticism. We reside in an increasingly totalitarian state.

We have reached the point where intelligent people will be banned from speaking to avoid offending the imbeciles holding elected office.