Aug. 6, 2022

Contrary to popular opinion, Canada is a nation of fighters

We are weary of the pap we are fed by governments through the media and need to step back to review Canada and our fellow residents as we really are. We are increasingly annoyed by impatient, irresponsible and intolerant minorities who demand that we reconfigure our nation and society to conform to their concept of society.

We are reaching a point of a war between ideology and reality. We are all responsible for our actions, attitudes and behaviour. That is part of the equality of the person. No one gets a free pass. We don’t have to cater to the demands of greens, alternate-gender-oriented or countless special interest groups. The rallying cry of “we are different, but demand to be treated the same (as others)” is oxymoronic nonsense.

Minority activists speak for themselves, not for the group, and usually have an agenda not supported by most members. Tens of thousands of their members have integrated into society and live in peace with their neighbours.

Their vociferous activists don’t want equality of the person – they want equality of outcomes which is not possible without accepting responsibility for their actions, attitudes and behaviours.

Welcome to the real world, where reputations are earned not granted.

Guest columnist Rory Gilfillan had an excellent analysis in The Western Standard Aug 1. It's worth reading.