Aug. 7, 2022

Avoiding the constitution by ministerial regulation a grave concern

Laura Osman reports on GlobalTV via Canadian Press that the federal government plans to fast-track a ban on the import of handguns without Parliamentary approval, using a regulatory measure that comes into effect in two weeks.

The government tabled gun control legislation in May that includes a national freeze on the importation, purchase, sale and transfer of handguns in Canada. That law did not pass.

When the federal government cannot make a workable plan to reduce violence and crime plaguing society, it creates meaningless placebos to give the appearance of action.
Imports of handguns are not connected to violence and crime. Smuggling guns is. There will be no reduction in violence or the criminal use of firearms resulting from this hastily made-up regulation or the Bill following this fall.

As we recover from two and a half years of financial instability caused by virus regulations, millions of Canadians dumped on the trash heap find their recovered freedoms beset by inflation. They have no confidence or trust in governments or the employers who dumped them on the curb without the means to meet their obligations.

We don’t have a shortage of skilled labour. We have a workforce that will no longer accept treatment as expendables on the lowest order of the food chain.     

Trade Minister May Ng is responsible for International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly lack jurisdiction over trade. Their collusion in creating this regulation is ridiculous.

The concept that a government can avoid our constitution and parliamentary oversight by issuing regulations is a grave concern. Regulations cannot extend government powers under the enabling legislation. If a law passed by parliament does not provide for the power to fine citizens, for example, regulations under that law cannot extend the law to provide for fines. The alternative is for parliament to pass regulations that extend the powers of government.

The federal cabinet has become a loony bin of incompetents without the sense to come in out of the rain. Federal responsibilities and services are left unattended until they become a crisis, at which point cabinet ministers pretend the crisis does not exist.

Answering questions with tired talking points created by PR advisors to avoid accountability has become a disease. This gender-balanced cabinet is even worse than its predecessors. Another woke ideal lying battered in the mud.
A government drunk with power that shuns its responsibilities is unworthy of public support. Most of the 52% increase in handgun imports this year is the result of our supplying the Ukraine army with small arms and ammunition instead of more useful artillery, heavy weapons, mobile gun platforms, armoured vehicles and ground-to-air missiles.

Mendicino and Melanie are wrongfully portraying that import increase as for domestic use intentionally misleading the public.
The sleaze grows deeper with each passing day and the cistern is overflowing.