Aug. 11, 2022

Federal employees bumped to six-figure salary during Pandemic

One has to wonder why no breath of these facts is reported by our mainstream media. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a well-known and respected organization. Its press releases are available to all news outlets, yet they are studiously ignored by the mainstream media.

The headline could have as easily read: “Senor civil service member ethics and integrity bought off.” The adage “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is at play here.

What is most disturbing is that there is no link between increased salaries and improvement in public service. What we have experienced is the opposite. Service delivery is dismal across the entire federal spectrum.

Regulations sternly applied to the public, often in pain of fines or restrictions on freedoms have not been applied to the federal civil service. Increasing pay for not being at work in the office is not acceptable.

Senior civil servants and politicians know a good thing when they see it, and now the pressure is on to make a “hybrid” workforce permanent. Civil servants and politicians want to avoid the drudgery of going to the office so they can wear loungewear and handle business from home or from their car, the cottage, park, beach or anywhere an internet connection is available.

The issues of security are not mentioned. Distant workers cannot use their personal laptops or tablets so they have to be provided with security appliances and linked to secure networks where information is secure. That comes with a hefty price tag not considered in the salaries and adds to the costs of department operations. We are spending substantially more for far less service.

Last but not least, management of the civil service by the Prime Minister’s Office is unconstitutional. The clerk of the Privy Council is in charge of the civil service and that person reports to the Governor General, not to the Prime Minister.

The civil service must be politically neutral and stand ready to serve whatever government the people elect. Our PMO is acting unlawfully.