Aug. 28, 2022

Let’s remove some of the political spin from this story

Christian Paas-Lang of CBC News reports threats and intimidation of women in public life have intensified in recent weeks, with significant examples of abuse targeted toward politicians — most recently, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland — as well as activists and journalists.

For weeks, a group of journalists, particularly journalists of colour, have publicly shared a series of private, anonymous emails they've received. Those emails contained specific, targeted and disturbing threats of violence and sexual assault, as well as racist and misogynistic language. FULL REPORT.

Freeland does not represent women. She represents the Liberal Party of Canada and an increasingly abusive, authoritarian and autocratic government detached from the people it was elected to serve, not to rule.

The complaining scribes have collectively lost their moral compass, fail to ensure their musings are factual and balanced and have lost the right to call themselves journalists. Journalists have ethics, honesty, and integrity and will not produce slanted opinion pieces in place of factual news stories.

Added to that, the mainstream media has compromised its independence by accepting government grants. It is no accident that the same opinions are routinely expressed across allegedly independent cable, print, radio and television channels.

The media allowed itself to become the propaganda arm of an increasingly despised government.

We face the charred ruins of a once world-class healthcare system where emergency services are regularly curtailed, people are dying on long waiting lists for necessary medical treatment, and we have no family doctor to manage our efforts to remain in good health.

We face high inflation rates, erosion of our spending power and a potential recession that can only increase the ranks living in poverty. Homeless shelters and food banks are overrun with those who were self-sufficient two years ago. Our financial prospects look bleak.

Our government has shut down our multi-billion-dollar resource industry claiming to be saving us from the horrors of global warming, which is an unproven myth. Adding insult to injury, this government has introduced punitive carbon taxation designed to force us to use our vehicles less no matter how vital they may be to us.

We can believe that the world faces a carbon emission crisis when the proponents sell unneeded jets and meet via internet channels rather than routinely jetting off for press releases and photo opportunities to prove that they are enjoying life on our dime. Any actual work done is purely accidental and usually to our detriment.

Politicians and media personnel should be protected from attacks on their reputations and standing, but they must first establish reputations worthy of protection.

Disagreement is not oppression and argument is not assault. Words are not violent. The response to the dialogue we dislike is more dialogue. The current government refuses to engage with the people it serves and prefers to dictate rather than dialogue thereby earning our contempt.
The government's attitude toward people creates our attitude toward the government, its representatives and its propaganda arm. Our government is chasing ideologies that prevent us from living peacefully and prospering. There are consequences. It cannot shield itself from valid public criticisms.

Profanity is the result of a person's limited vocabulary, not a capital offence and does not diminish the complaint or argument raised. When governments attempt to silence critics, they are not proving that the people are wrong; they are telling us that they fear what they say.