Sep. 3, 2022

Canada Partners With WEF to Unleash Digital IDs

Partnering with the World Economic Forum is not in the best interest of the people of Canada.

We do not need government digital identification in any form. Our private lives are just that – private and confidential. No government has the authority to require us to provide personal information except to manage services such as health care and only then under strict regulation to confine that information to its intended purpose.

A government that denies citizens the right to travel without revealing vaccination status is untrustworthy. The federal government has no justifiable reason to collect personal medical information. This is a political decision and does nothing to ensure public health safety.

Partnering with the WEF is not acceptable. The organization is unelected and accountable to no one. If you want a look at what this body of elitist nutbars is proposing, visit their website.

I keep track of their proposals and find them frightening. People who fly private jets to meetings in exotic locals cannot run our lives better than we can ourselves. We are not lab rats in the labs of a few billionaires’ experiments.

The world has billions of people living in totalitarian states clamouring to relocate to free democracies. There are no long lines of people in free nations risking all to join the slaves in socialist states. Wake up before we are led down a path to the unending sharing of misery.

Prime Minister Flutter By is committed to turning Canada into a slave state of the WEF. The actions of his government are clearly deliberate and intended to turn our free democracy into socialist misery.

Digital ID is the first step towards the control of a society. Beware of strangers bearing gifts. See The Epoch Times report