Sep. 6, 2022

Boilerplate accountability evasion

I watched US President Biden’s speech September 1 and realized that he was delivering a boilerplate stump speech used on both sides of the border.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton, running for the US presidency, referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” - racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic people. There is nothing like degrading a few million American citizens when your only focus is on acquiring votes and power. 

In December 2021 Prime Minister Trudeau labelled the unvaccinated as racist and misogynistic extremists without a shred of evidence.

Now we have Biden scurrilously labelling Trump supporters as radicals dangerous to democracy.

All of these speeches have a common thread and might have been written by the same speech writer. The objective is to get people to focus on fighting with one another instead of on governance ineptitude.

It is accountability evasion.

The Canadian political scene is complex in part because we mix principles of British common law and the Westminster parliamentary system with the American constitution and principles of a republic.

Over recent years, political parties on both sides of the border have replaced the concept of democratic governance of the people, by the people, for the people with rule of the people. They no longer represent or act in the best interests of the people of the nation.

Canadian federal government support for a plethora of ethnic and minority groups is highly divisive. No government should ever involve itself in religious affairs or religious bodies. It violates the British system principle of separation of Church and state and violates our fundamental religious freedoms.

Trudeau’s dalliance with Islamic, Jewish, Sikh and other faiths is as repugnant as his disdain for Christianity. We don’t want our Prime Minister to publicly celebrate religious holidays. It is another way that our government uses to remove focus from its failings by highlighting our religious differences which is cynical and repugnant.

Governments are increasingly elitist, totalitarian, and given to adopting policies that are detrimental to the people of Canada. Bad policy has eviscerated our economy while causing high rates of inflation. Carbon taxes are punitive, intended to force changes in society that increase our cost of living.

Resentment and dislike for the government and its officials are the results of governments that are increasingly aloof and isolated from the public.  Ministers refuse to accept accountability for government actions and policy. They consider anyone voicing criticism of governance as a threat which is as preposterous as their elitist arrogance.

No democratic government is above the public criticism that is fundamental to the operation of a Westminster parliament.

Mainstream media scribes are bleating that they are subjected to public criticism and scorn. Along with parliamentarians, media people have to learn that respect is earned, not conferred. Election to office does not infuse wisdom or improve reasoning powers. An elected dolt is still a dolt. Graduating with a journalism degree does not create a journalist.

Media people lost objectivity and the ability to provide accurate, factual and balanced articles on issues, substituting a collection of poorly researched and thought out opinion pieces. The opinions of media scribes who are not responsible or accountable for the issues they sound off on are irrelevant.   

When media owners lobbied for and were given millions in government grants, any pretense of an independent press (media) became history. The media we trusted to be the eyes and ears of the public and keep us informed on issues that matter has become a water carrier for a  government that no longer enjoys our confidence.

We are governed by a socialist leaning Liberal – NDP coalition that controls 54.7% of the commons seats. It is supported in spirit by the Bloc Quebecois (9.5% of commons seats). The BQ can safely criticize the coalition in public as it will have no effect on governance, but it is a stage play not an expression of its ideology. The BQ represents the interest of Quebec, not the interests of Canada.

The Conservatives, with 35.2% of commons seats, have let us down by throwing brick-bats at the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers rather than attacking the coalition on governance issues such as dismal economic performance, the health care crisis, rapidly increasing inflation, punitive carbon taxes and unsustainable public debt.

The role of the official opposition is to hold the government’s feet to the fire on critical issues while offering sensible and viable solutions. That is not happening. The political party infighting is juvenile and not in the public interest. Politicians must focus on issues rather than the acquisition of power.

I am weary of observing a parliament that looks increasingly like Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party. Canadian deserve better than an arrogant, elitist political class whose main objective is to avoid accountability for the mess that it has created.