Apr. 12, 2022

Our mainstream political parties do not deserve to govern

In the last 40 years our debt has mushroomed 10 fold. 

1981-82 our federal debt was $107 billion; 

2021 our federal debt is more than $1,000,000,000,000. Really it is more than $1.4 trillion.  

We are in the trillions regarding federal debt 

Source : Royal Bank of Canada 

How do you like that? Borrowing and someone else is to pay it off. Imagine if you operated your household like that? 

Health care 

2019 — #4.6 million, 16.9% of Canadians were without a family physician – Statistics Canada. 

2021 — Second last out of 11 industrialized countries on health care 

2021— Below the average of these countries on affordability 

2021— Last in terms of performance vs spending  

Source : The Commonwealth Fund 


23 in the world — ease at doing business

122 on time it takes to get a electrical permit, 64 for a construction permit 

Source: World Bank  

Corruption Index

2021– Canada fell out of top ten in the world — now 13 and that does not include the recent violations of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Source : Transparency International 

Competitiveness Index

Canada 14, U.S. second, South Korea 13th 

Source: Trading Economics


Canada 13, U.S. second  

Source: Conference Board of Canada

If you look at the Governance side 

Prime Minister’s Office (include Privy Council Office which reports to PM) employs 1,500 

Prime Minister breaking the law five times and still PM  

No party has introduced legislation to increase penalties on MPs who break the law 

Parliamentary Committees closed down by majority party — SNC Lavalin Scandal

PM guilty of obstruction of justice — Conflict of Interest Commissioner  

Laws introduced that will limit a person’s freedom  


Numerous violations by Governments of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms  

A Judge hearing a case against the Govt Party for whom she was a candidate  

Accused of mischief can see you in shackles when brought to court 

Independent science ignored and often denigrated  

Doctors and researchers harassed and loosing their jobs from Government agencies  

All of this under the watchful eye of Conservative, Liberal and NDP.  

So why should taxpayers vote for this picture of incompetence, constitution breaking, wild spending, science corrupting, unproductive, law breaking, health destroying, tech failing leadership?