Jun. 1, 2022

Overdose warning Issued by Health Authority, but no warning about Covid vaccines

Society has turned upside down .
According to www.nanaimonet.com, here is a government medical authority issuing public statements about the dangers of certain drugs and overdose of them, yet is completely silent about the injuries and deaths from their sponsored and supported free covid vaccines. 
They actually have ads on the airways pushing theses vaccines and how safe and effective they are. Yet thousands have died and hundreds of thousands have been injured from use of these vaccines as disclosed by the VAERS system in the USA and the Eudra Vigilance system on the EU. 
These are the same people who told us that they would prevent transmission of the virus. Right now most of those in BC hospitals with so called covid are people who have taken these covid vaccines ! Safe and effective alright!
And this is all with our money! Our tax money!!
And to add insult to ‘injury ‘ these authorities charge $65 to an individual to get an vitamin D test —a vitamin that has proven to impede infectious disease viruses like the present covid virus. Studies have shown reduced hospitalizations from covid those who had adequate levels of vitamin D as opposed to those who had inadequate levels of vitamin D . Here are some studies that give credibility to these statements :
  • A Spanish randomized controlled trial found a 96% reduction in the risk of requiring intensive care in patients receiving high-dose vitamin D (100,000 IU).
  • Another Spanish study with 930 hospitalized patients found a 87% reduction in ICU treatment and a 79% reduction in mortality in patients receiving high-dose vitamin D.
  • A study in a French nursing home found an 89% decrease in mortality in residents who had received high-dose vitamin D either shortly before or during covid-19 disease.
  • A retrospective British study of approximately 1000 hospitalized covid patients found an 80% reduction in mortality with high-dose vitamin D.
  • A large Israeli study found a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and covid-19 severity.’