Jul. 28, 2022

Polievre represents status quo in Conservative leadership

I listened to former PM Steven Harper’s endorsement of Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre – not a peep about freedom, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms – the unconstitutional actions of the federal Liberal/NDP government or the Liberal, Conservative and NDP provincial governments.

It’s as if the universe is unfolding as it should.

No problem for Harper: it is as if the ongoing covid nightmare does not exist. He is silent.

With the undemocratic, unfair, treatment afforded freedom hero Tamara Lich. With Pastors being illegally incarcerated,  

The cruel, unconstitutional Emergency Act being invoked, 

Of Canadians’ bank accounts being frozen, 

Of The PM calling Canadians racist because they hold different views.  

Of The top judge denigrating other Canadians without due process.- 

Of The thousands of Canadians dying from experimental covid vaccines, the tens of thousands injured. More deaths and injuries from these covid vaccines in two years than from all other vaccines combined for the past 30 years. 

No problem with the conclusions of experts like Canadian professor Douglas Allen that showed early on that the cure was worse than the disease, the organization Canadian Covid Care Alliance and its like conclusions about the Pfizer research.

No problem with the treatment by authorities of Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Byram Bridle and other like professionals throughout Canada. 

This is all a sham and should be condemned by all Conservative Leadership candidates and Poilievre should reject this endorsement.  

I once supported Harper and his party. But he and his party have not lived up to their promises – a tradition of blue turning to red as soon as a leader is elected. And a party that still supports a former leader, Andrew Sheer, who took party membership money to finance private schooling for his children. He is still in the Conservative caucus and is in the shadow cabinet for Infrastructure and Communities. In other words if the Conservatives formed the government tomorrow this former leader would be in the Cabinet. 

And as this endorsement testifies the party and former leader and PM Harper, show a complete and utter disregard for our Supreme Law – Our Constitution – and one of its more recent advances, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and two of its principles that undergird it – “the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law.”

My decision to leave the Conservative Party of Canada and my later refusal to endorse a request to support Mr. Poilievre have been vindicated.  

Canadians must realize the status quo will not do – changing labels? 

Our Country is broken, and like the mainstream media, our mainstream political parties, including the Conservative Party of Canada, have failed their citizens. 

Major Structural reform of the governance system: 1. honouring our Constitution and the principles that underpin the Charter of Rights and Freedom, 2. political parties, 3. parliaments, 4. the executive, 5. the judiciary and 6. education are minimal changes needed now if we are to save our democracy – -changes that with honesty, will and determination can be done within the present constitutional framework.