Oct. 14, 2022

Government keeps bending the rules on travel ban case

Guess What? The Federal Government has interfered again in the Federal Court. Involves a challenge of the federal travel ban by me and others. 

The lawsuits started in January and all agreed on an expedited basis.

Well, the Crown kept adding additional expert witnesses and extra attorneys.

The applicants kept their bargain and stayed with what they had agreed. 

Then in June the Crown throws a curve. The feds wanted all these lawsuits cancelled.

It’s all moot now they claim, since the Federal Government has suspended (not cancelled) ‘some’ of the travel restrictions in dispute.  

The Judge accepted this curve and delayed the already-scheduled public summation of five days, beginning on Sept. 21 on our case. 

So September 21 becomes a one-day hearing on the Crown’s mootness argument. It was public and many tuned in. And our case gets delayed to Oct. 31 if we win the mootness case.  

That was that!  The Judge reserved judgment and went away to ponder. But, oh, no ponder Your Honour. 

Inappropriately, the Crown sends a letter to the Court on Oct 5 submitting additional information to try to bolster their case. 

Documents all filed, hearing over, awaiting Judge’s decision. 

But if that is not enough weird behaviour, on Oct. 11 another letter to the Court from Federal Crown submitting more information they think will bolster their case. 

Remember the whole thing was supposed to be over after the court hearing of Sept. 21. Everyone just waiting the judge’s decision. What’s going on?

And now our lawyers have had to respond to all of this, pointing out the inappropriateness of it all and more importantly, how this additional information is really not relevant to our case.  

This is our flawed Justice System in full display.

Why are people cynical; why am I cynical?

Why do I say the system needs reform, not just another ego messing up an already broken system?