How you can help the victims of war in Ukraine

I have been forwarding donations from local people who have asked how to donate to people in Ukraine. The money goes to the Mennonite Centre, in Molochansk, which has been in Ukraine for a century and is still in operation in spite of the challenges. They are providing necessities with mainly volunteers. Most of it is food at present, but they have also provided clothing and heating fuel since there is still snow on the ground. Starvation is a genuine threat in the immediate future.

The centre has two vans which it uses to transport supplies they are still able to buy. They also transport people out of the danger zone, to the refugee uptake locations at the border with Poland.

They also provide help in co-operation with the local Orthodox Catholic priest.

Any donations made through the Mennonite Centre go directly to support the victims, there are no paid middle organizations.

The Mennonite Centre has an informative website at which it posts almost daily reports from the front lines of the war. It's worth checking out to see what challenges they encounter and the successes they have.

Any one of our readers who would like to help the cause can contact me at or phone me at 250-616-0416. E-transfer is now available. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations.