A list of recent online scams that have surfaced

Online scams and frauds continue to victimize a lot of people. Some are easy to spot, but others look like notices from legitimate businesses. Here are the latest I've seen.


  • DEATH NOTICE - MAY 5 – Some just died suddenly, you might know him. Check it out at (phoney link from a foreign extension).

  • PAYPAL SCAM – May 3 - You sent a payment of $549.50 USD to Walmart online store. It may take few moments for this transaction to appear in your account. If you didn't authorize this transaction call us now at +1-850-290-5177. This charge will appear on the statement as payment to .PayPal  -*Walmartss.

  •  AMAZON ACCOUNT– May 2 - I got one that shows all the logos from Amazon and informs that my order is on hold because the billing information is incomplete, so click here. I don't have an order pending and I don't have an account. But it looks so real.
  • FAKE TAX REFUND – May 2 -Another one popular now is a fake notice supposedly from Canada Revenue Agency informing you about your tax refund and how you can follow a link to provide your information. Don't do it, CRA does not send emails about your income taxes.

  • ACCOUNT CONFIRMTION – 0502 –Another recent one claims to be from Shaw Communications claiming they could not process your last payment and asks you to confirm your account details. It looks very real, so be careful.

  • HELP WITH GIFT CARD ORDER – An email from a friend asks for help in placing an order through Amazon. Their card was supposedly blocked so they ask if you can place the order and they'll send you the money. Once you place the order they'll send you an email on where to send the gift card. It tugs at your heart strings because it asked for a gift card for $250 for a friend on death's door in palliative care with cancer. Always look at the address of the sender, it's usually misspelled and is a fake address.

I'll keep posting those I run across and you can forward any similar ripoffs to me and we'll put the public on notice. Merv.unger@nanaimonet.com