You can talk back to B.C. Transit

BC Transit has launched Voice of the Rider, an online engagement platform where people can share their feedback and discuss ways to improve the transit experience in communities across the province.

BC Transit believes that in order to better understand riders and prospective riders, the organization needs to better connect with communities and ensure customer feedback is an even bigger factor in future business decisions. Voice of the Rider is an effort to drive community engagement on all projects and transit future planning, understand the satisfaction levels of our riders, and gather valuable recommendations and suggestions to improve the overall transit experience.

To access Voice of the Rider, a short and simple registration process with a valid email address is required at Once registered, users will see that the platform is divided into two areas: 

Engagement Projects – This category provides access to information on all current infrastructure projects, allowing interested people to follow a project from start to finish and share their thoughts along the way. The engagement area also has extensive information on transit planning projects, and features surveys, interactive maps and open forums to provide long form feedback.

Rider Satisfaction and Marketing Surveys – By taking part in these 5-10 minute surveys, Voice of the Rider users will play an important role in helping BC Transit make more informed decisions and improve the overall transit experience for current and prospective riders. 

More information about Voice of the Rider, including frequently asked questions and a link to the site, is available at