Nanaimo NightOwls looking for host families

You’re making an investment and positive impression on a young athlete and your family will remember this experience.  Billeting an amateur athlete can be a positive and rewarding experience for both parties.  Bonds are strong and lifelong friends can be made.  Most of our NightOwls are experiencing Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and even Canada for the first time and many have been away at college for some time, missing family and a home cooked meal.  We invite you to include them and welcome them into your home.  We encourage both the host family members and our players to keep the lines of communication and respect open in order to enjoy the very best of the billeting adventure.  

This is information we share with all our players.  Please consider being involved with the Nanaimo NightOwls!

Expectations of the host family:

  • Be available to host player(s) from the beginning of June through the middle of August (players are on the road for half of the season)
  • Provide a clean, non-smoking, safe and pleasant environment for players to stay
  • Provide access to laundry equipment (the players will do their own laundry)
  • Provide comfortable sleeping quarters and access to bathroom with bedding & towels
  • Provide access to kitchen & utensils for food preparation & storage
  • Be prepared to provide food for 2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner)
  • Your house rules apply to your player. Please let him know what these are
  • Feel free to include your player in family gatherings, dinner, outings, etc.
  • Expect your player to arrive home late after night games which start @ 6:35 pm, and will most likely need use of the showers when they arrive home
  • Expect your player to be friendly, courteous and helpful
  • Transportation to and from the field is not required, but gratefully appreciated if and when you can

Expectations of the players:

  • Be respectful. You are a welcomed guest in someone else's home. Please mind your manners
  • Tidy up after yourself and help out where/when you can
  • You are a role model for the young members of the family... please remember that
  • Be mindful that young family members will want to find out about you, learn from you and play catch/games with you
  • You are representing your team, your coaches, your parents ... please remember that
  • Be respectful of costs for long hot showers, emptying the fridge, etc. Help out where you can and encourage “care packages” from home
  • Your host family is not billeting in order to make money. They are, in fact, trying to help you, your team, our organization and we appreciate that
  • Find out what the rules of the house are and respect them
  • Be courteous and let them know when you will or will not be home for a meal
  • Be sure your host family knows when you will be away and for how long
  • As a courtesy, players should ask before inviting guests into the home

If you are interested, please contact Tina Baker-Cornett via e-mail:, or by phone: 250-710-6368.