Maartman seeking second term on city council

Zeni Maartman

Zeni Maartman is the first councillor to formally announce her re-election bid for her second term on city council. She has launched a fund raising page inviting campaign donations HERE for the Oct. 15 election.

Thank you for visiting my go-fund-me page.

Will you help me get re-elected and continue my leadership at the Council table - continuing to build our jewel of a city. The best little City in North America - and the fifth fastest growing in all of Canada. I would love to continue to be your voice with a seat at City Hall and you can help!!!!!

We have much work to complete at City Hall and I have enjoyed every minute of planning, decision making and representing the City on various committees and task forces including the Regional District. I have always been accessible and accountable to all and would continue to work hard to help make our city the best it can be.

ReImagine Nanaimo's goals include being green and healthy, housing for all , empowering citizens, truth and reconciliation, accessibility and inclusivity, prosperous, safe and secure.

I welcome the opportunity to be re-elected to Nanaimo City Council however any election in order to succeed does require funds for promotion and advertising and other expenses. Signs ( even if reused and repurposed ) have costs just for the labels ( re-elect) ! Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

The municipal act requires that a person who donates be a BC Resident and either a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident. The maximum limit is $1,250 ( just saying...... ) and full disclosure, donations to a municipal campaign are unfortunately NOT tax deductible. Any and all donations will be put to good use, circulating in our local economy!

Thank you for your consideration and donation!

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