Nick Greer seeking seat on Nanaimo City Council

Nick Greer

Nick is a downtown Nanaimo business owner, solicitor, Chartered Mediator, arbitrator, and former Chair of Destination-Nanaimo.
Nick runs the Collaborative Law and mediation centre in downtown Nanaimo.
While families are tightening their belts, the City of Nanaimo has failed to control expenditure and tax rates.

Nanaimo’s tax take increased by a massive $18M between 2018 and 2021 during the term of this Council, driving up property taxes.

And Councillors are not doing their part to reign in spending..... During the current term, some Councillor’s personal expense charges to the City have been significant, sometimes exceeding $10,000 in one year. Nick will not claim any personal expenses when elected to Council.
With a strong track record in municipal government for cutting excessive spending, Nick will push the City to reduce waste, staffing and consultancy expenditure.
“Let’s get City expenditure, taxation and cost of living back under control. To do my part, I will not claim any personal expenses when I’m on Council - but I will also work tirelessly to find efficiency, cut waste, and reduce taxation across Council.” -- Nick Greer
Nick has a vision for a vibrant, exciting, and safe downtown Nanaimo. Prior to moving to Nanaimo, Nick was a City Councillor in Australia and co-led the successful renewal of the neglected city centre of Blackwood, Australia. While on Council there, Nick championed the Blackwood Activity Centre and renewal project, being the first Councillor to move for and obtain plans for the new city hub on its final determined site. Nick is looking to replicate this successful revitalization in Nanaimo.
“I will work to transform downtown Nanaimo into an exciting place to take visitors, and a safe place to bring our kids” -- Nick Greer