Jay Krishan for City Council

Jay Krishan

1.      I will bring a ‘responsible style’ of discussion in public office on the issues of the day; a style of discussion that properly receives and adequately responds to the concerns that are raised by residents. If elected, you may phone me, see me in person, or email me – you do not need to come to city hall. I will be accessible and open. If your concerns have been previously missed or ignored, I encourage you to give me your vote this time. I believe strongly that holders of public office must respond to concerns brought forth by citizens. If I am councillor and you write to me, your concerns will receive my proper attention and response.     

2.      If I am elected, I would work with community and fellow council members to commission well-designed, bold, and iconic public displays that will give a distinctivness to the city and elevate four particular themes: diversity, trade, culture, and employment. If you can support these themes, vote for me. It is time to bring an emphasis on these new themes.    

3.      There has been an emphasis on “construction” of buildings without emphasis on “design” in the city. As councillor, I would ensure that all new buildings that are constructed in the city are made to meet certain aesthetic guidelines. Nanaimo is situated in close proximity to BC’s capital – and it should show. I would encourage specific beautification plans as well as a focused development of social spaces. The quick-to-build, copy-and-paste development formats that developers have been using needs to change, and the city can certainly support such necessary investments. 

4.      I would also like to explore the viability of the creation of at least one large museum in the city whose themes may alternate and promote education, tourism, and heritage. Promoting culture and art helps to foster collective communal pride and care in the long run; it tends to instil over time a sense of respect for the buildings and institutions. It also helps to raise consciousness on cultural heritage and sense of belonging. We need that.    

5.      Representation in public office is important. The City of Nanaimo at present is behind other BC cities when it comes to inclusive hiring policies and practices, but that can change. At present, the City does not collect any employment equity data. With a high growth rate, it is important that the city adopts policies that bring in a representative workforce so that city hall is responsive to the diverse needs in the community. I want to see Black, Asian, and other minority ethnic groups in city hall representing the interests of the community. I also want to see the City actively creating opportunities and removing obstacles for university graduates and persons with disabilities when it comes to employment opportunities. In line with a vision of creating an inclusive city, I will support any marginalized group which has been historically denied opportunities to apply for roles in the public sector. Vote for me and we will make it happen.   


Mr. Krishan is the founder of the Pacific Society for the Advancement of Employment Equity (PSAEE) which is doing work to advance the creation of a representative public sector by focusing on barriers in the hiring process configurations. He engages individuals and offices at various levels of government to advance public service employment opportunities for women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minority citizens. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the BCCLA, Canada’s oldest civil rights organization. 

He graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Simon Fraser University in 2020. He holds various other credentials as well.