Business Administrator Frank Pluta Seeks Council seat

I love Nanaimo! And I’d love to represent the people of Nanaimo on our City Council. I am running for election for Nanaimo City Council in the October 15th election.

We live in an incredible city and community that has so much to offer all of us as well as the many that come to visit and enjoy it. I am proud to call Nanaimo my home for nearly 20 years, spending time here for almost 45 years. I’ve certainly seen it grow and develop immensely over that time. I’m at that time in my life when I want to give back to our great City with my lifetime of Business experience, deep concerns, and great optimism.

Among my business experience includes operating our family business for over 25 years and being the Administrator for both a Medical Centre and a tree service company for the past 15 years. During my time in Northern BC, I served as a Councillor for the Village of McBride and a Director on the Fraser-Fort George Regional District (Prince George). While in McBride I was a member of the team that assisted in establishing the University of Northern BC and creating the extended campuses in surrounding communities. I was also honored to be part of Who’s Who in BC. 

I believe in in a strong community and at its core, a vibrant City Council. As a Councillor, it is imperative to keep the community…the people always at “top of mind”. In the position of Councillor, we are representing their interests, not that of outside interests. I further believe in honest communication, relevant discussion, and real compassion for the people of Nanaimo - ALWAYS doing the very BEST for them.

I feel a swell of changes and challenges coming up to this NEXT Council that forms after October 15th. I am excited, anxious, and ready to be part of that group to take that on. As this new Council takes hold, we must keep in mind financial and community responsibility and stewardship for our Nanaimo, our residents, and our future. I will not go with any majority if a decision does not meet the common sense rule and the imminent needs of our Nanaimo and its residents. 

I believe that I can provide leadership and common sense to Council from my diverse background working with various organizations, businesses, and situations. 

To find out more about me, please visit my website at .

I can also be contacted directly at: or 

by Cell/Text at: 250-713-0912.