Dec. 31, 2021


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Apr. 18, 2021

Some reasons for our state of high anxiety over the COVID-19 threat are a lack of political leadership and too many players in the field, some hidden and others with political power agendas.

No one considers the role of the pharmaceutical giants. Providing vaccines is a multi-billion-dollar business. Successful producers stand to make enormous profits. The stakes are very high. The costs of developing vaccines are enormous. Keeping us afraid of infection works to their benefit.

It is no surprise that some brands have been found to have adverse side effects. All COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and are approved on an emergency basis. The risks may be minimal or even negligible, but the public is wary of trading the risk of coronavirus infection for the risk of vaccine side effects. We seek certainty in an uncertain environment.

We have squadrons of experts expressing opinions. They include various specialists in infectious diseases and virology. Most are professionals, but those interviewed in the media have bought into the lockdown and isolation solution for containing coronavirus.

Therein lies another problem. Some medical experts disagree with the mainstream narrative and have taken to social media to express their views. The result is that we are bombarded with conflicting opinions on every aspect of the coronavirus threat, including vaccines.

The lack of political leadership is disgraceful. Declaring an emergency and issuing regulations that interfere with every aspect of our lives, including our right to earn an income to care for ourselves and our families, is not leadership. Leadership requires explaining why there are no alternatives to those regulations and why the regulations have not kept coronavirus infections in check a full year later.

Then there are the medical professionals who have endured broken health care systems for decades. There is never money to hire enough medical professionals to meet our needs. We suffer shortages of doctors, nurses and support specialists.

Nurses were suffering burnout long before coronavirus appeared. People could not find a family doctor. We have long waiting lists for everything from cataract surgery to knee and hip replacements.

We have the facilities but not the trained personnel to use them for even 16 hours a day. We could add another shift to shorten waiting lists, but not without hiring many more people and incurring substantial costs. Our health care systems were on the verge of collapse before coronavirus.

Medical professionals and politicians are looking at coronavirus as an excuse to ramp up health care spending, but everyone involved wants someone else to foot the bill. We have suffered this nonsense for at least 50 years.

Everyone involved wants to have their fingers on the levers of power while avoiding responsibility for the outcome.
Control over money equals political power.

That is why our alleged universal health care system consists of dozens of competing sub-systems that are unco-ordinated. The coronavirus numbers produced by the media are a work of fiction. Each health care sub-set within a province has a different way of tracking COVID infections and results.

There is no central health care database where health care providers can enter information. Health care sub-sets report data to a provincial health care agency which sends the data to Health Canada by e-mail or fax. Our health care tracking systems are still in the days when steam engines ruled.

Health care is the largest single expenditure in a provincial budget. No premier will co-operate with their peers to improve the system because they may lose political power or risk having federal support curtailed.

Political power carries with it equal responsibility. Provinces need to get together, co-ordinate, and build an efficient, effective, and integrated system to serve us better.

The federal government must get out of provincial health care, transfer tax points to the provinces, and focus on providing health care for those for which it is constitutionally responsible. That includes indigenous people, federal prison inmates, military personnel, CSIS, the RCMP and diplomatic personnel. Those are not provincial responsibilities.

Politicians need to get their heads out of the clouds and join the general population they are in office to serve. Politicians who prefer to rule us instead of serving us need to seek out a third-world nation in need of their services. 

Apr. 16, 2021

The internet continues to burble with rumours of a great reset; an effort by elites promoting a new world order to replace our democratic, financial and social institutions. 

Political parties have hijacked democracy, replacing democratic institutions with a system of political warlords competing for power over the nation. They employ advertising, coercion, conning, luring, lying, and public relations instead of the force of arms.

 Political parties shun accountability. Having to answer to the electors that voted them into office is demeaning and repulsive. Unelected party officials direct elected officials and refuse to allow open and transparent governance for fear that honesty will lead to bad press. 

Political parties do not act in our best interests. They are motivated to acquire the power to rule. Democracy is a messy business fraught with errors, trials, tribulation and accountability, whereas ruling as monarchs allow them to do as they wish and ignore complaints of those ruled. 

Creating a world order are not new. The World Economic Forum is just the latest effort by industrialists and unelected political figures to centralize control over industrialized nations. They don’t care about third-world countries as they cannot exploit poverty. The WEF is so confident that it operates in the open. You can register for an e-mail update HERE  

The European Union has effectively removed accountability from member nations. Local governments are left to deal with inconsequential matters. The EU is a bureaucrat’s utopia; unlimited power without responsibility. The EU Parliament is a collection of powerless figureheads dependent on the bureaucracy for decision-making information. The bureaucrats decide what information the parliamentarians get to consider. Cozy setup.

The idea that world leaders can influence or control climate is preposterous. Meetings of the G-20, comprised of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States took place in November, 2020. 

There are 150 nations not in the G-20 that may oppose G-20 policies. The G-20 includes 19 of the wealthiest nations on the earth and the European Union. China and Russia are G-20 members but do not play well with others. Those not in the club want a share of G-20 wealth. Collective action on climate change is an unattainable dream. 

Government control over climate is a ridiculous concept. If it were possible to harness tornadoes, typhoons, floods, wildfires, volcanoes, droughts, and avalanches, we would have done so long ago. Climate change activists insist that all these phenomena are caused by climate change. That rubbish ignores the reality that these events have been ongoing for millenniums and were not triggered by the industrial revolution. Climate change advocates are no more convincing than their Luddite brethren were 200 years ago.   

A long-term fear-mongering campaign by the WEF has thousands of Canadians participating in protests demanding we “do our share” to save the planet from an imaginary disaster. The power of emotional appeals is incredible.   

The reset is their escape clause. Rather than reinstating a democratic system that has proven itself for centuries, politicians and the elite claim it is not working, and we need a new model. It is the political and elite classes, not democracies, that have gone off the rails. 

Democracy requires adherence to our constitutions and accountability, ethics, honesty, prudence and responsibility our politicians have increasingly shunned as restrictive. Elected office is restrictive. It is a serious undertaking on behalf of the people a politician represents. 

He or she is duty-bound to exercise powers in the best interests of the people represented. Every member of a legislature or parliament swears a solemn oath to carry out his duties to the nation and her people. Over the years, political parties have made representative oaths to the party superior to the formal oath of office. That is one reason why democracy is sledding downhill with increasing velocity. 

The great reset is intended to avoid demands for political accountability. Canadians are at the point where residents of the thirteen southern British colonies were in 1775 – ruled by people who did not represent them. 

 Our parliament in Ottawa is as accessible to us as the moon. Our members of parliament are not accountable to us. Whatever political party gains power and governance acts without ensuring that our interests are protected. A world order is not a solution; it is the road to eternal serfdom.

We must ensure that we are masters of our dominion and do not become a colony of foreign political powers again. 

Apr. 9, 2021

Speculation on virus variants causing a ‘third wave’ of COVID-19 infections is a distraction. We know that infectious viruses are unstable and mutate, causing variants. 

We need to know, in plain language, why there is a third wave at all. Why have 13 months of lockdowns and restrictions on our freedoms failed to contain COVID?

Why are we distancing ourselves from family, friends and neighbours and wearing face masks while COVID variants spread unhindered across Canada?

How did COVID variants discovered in various foreign nations all manage to infiltrate our population with ease?         

Speculation about COVID variants is dangerous as it is used to justify extending restrictions on our freedoms and rights without dealing with the questions above.

Restricting our freedoms is contingent on the actions being effective. If they are effective, there is no risk of a third wave. If they are not, imposing more restrictive measures is ridiculous.  

Infectious disease specialists have confirmed that contagious viruses mutate. Science has evolved to identify mutations (variants) in a fraction of the time it once took. Communication has improved, so information on variants is shared worldwide and instantly.

We have a new body of virus information and no idea as to what, if anything, it means. We have no reason to believe that the variants are more or less dangerous than the original strain of coronavirus.

Medical people are speculating on what the variants mean. When H1N1 ravaged our population, the virus was mutating, but we did not identify the variants.

In the first wave of COVID-19 older adults in congregate living conditions made up 75% or more of COVID victims. When the second wave hit in the fall of 2020, older adults in congregate settings died in droves. Governments took no steps to protect them.

Medical people express concerns that COVID is now infecting young people who are becoming very ill. Young and healthy are not synonymous. We have fretted for decades about youth obesity, lack of exercise and a high incidence of diabetes. We can suspect that many young people have inadequate immune systems, particularly a lack of vitamin D. What we are seeing is infections of young people with underlying poor health factors hidden from casual observation.

Demanding stricter lockdowns and stay-at-home orders is ridiculous. Essential workers are exempt and will continue to go to work and contact one another and members of the public. Travel restrictions do not apply to essential workers and many others who brought the variants to Canada.

We don’t have a reliable system of reporting COVID-19 or any other epidemic data. I have written several articles on the misreporting of COVID statistics. Maclean’s magazine wrote an article about 
Canada’s public health data meltdown. The deeper we dig into the coronavirus repose, the more we realize just how vulnerable we are.

We have multiple data systems that are not compatible or interconnected. Provincial COVID stats are transmitted to Health Canada by e-mail or fax, which is ridiculous. There are no common standards for reporting which makes data reliance questionable.
Plans to provide hourly-paid essential workers with replacement pay for COVID-related time off would have worked a year ago. The emergency legislation that enables governments to issue COVID regulations does not allow measures to protect essential workers from undue exposure. It is too late for a wage replacement program to be effective to avoid the third wave.

The doctors insisting that we put all other citizens under house arrest to avoid overwhelming their facilities have never explained how they allowed COVID outbreaks to occur in hospitals.

We have numerous groups claiming that they should have first access to limited vaccine supplies. It is astonishing how quickly the veneer of a classless, democratic nation of equals is destroyed by the thundering horde of “me-first” people.
The fervour over virus variants glosses over the failure to provide essential workers with personal protective equipment in the spring, 2020 first wave of COVID. Governments left them alone, afraid and vulnerable.

Now government claim they do not understand why essential workers are mistrustful of the COVID vaccines. If essential workers were considered expendable in spring, 2020 (all available Personal Protective Equipment went to hospitals) why would they trust governments now? 

Apr. 5, 2021

The Toronto Star reports more than 920 Amazon workers in Toronto have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. The Star has learned new provincial modelling shows highly contagious viral variants are disproportionately impacting those with essential jobs. MORE


Wow! What an earthshaking insight into COVID-19 spread. It has only taken 13 months to figure out.
Next, it may dawn on the doctors and politicians who want our trust that essential workers do not just contact other essential workers. Imagine that! Heads will explode across the nation.

Health care professionals and politicians learned nothing from the horrendous spread of infections and deaths in personal care facilities in the past year. Essential workers spread the virus from one facility to another. Those afraid of infection found other work increasing under staffing of PCFs.
Those who delight in ordering us about have not recognized that international travel is hazardous to our health. We have cases of COVID variants throughout Canada. They did not get here by accident – people who are from or visited other countries where the virus variants were present brought new risks to us. Internal travellers contributed to the spread.

Gnashing our teeth and issuing warnings over the rapid spread of virus variants is silly when we leave the gates open to international travel and new sources of infection.

Many of us have been warning that virus spread cannot be contained until we protect essential workers with paid time off for COVID quarantine and quarantine the whole family rather than a single ill person. Expecting employers to pick up the tab for COVID sick leave is ridiculous. Either our government is combatting virus spread or not. They have defaulted to “not.”

The psychology of lockdowns is to establish control. Pages of detailed COVID regulation reveal how little our medical and political people understand about the people they serve. Neither group has any experience in dealing with an epidemic, and neither group did any planning for the inevitable epidemic. They were caught flat-footed with no equipment, plans or operating structure in place. They turned emergency preparedness into a sick joke.

Income replacement should have been part of the virus containment policy, not an afterthought when people displaced from their workplaces were desperate. Our infectious disease specialists get a failing grade in virus containment. In fairness, they are hampered by politicians with a different plan. 
The first wave should have been met with workable plans, but we had none. The second wave should have been fought with lessons learned in the spring of 2020. They failed to learn. This third wave is unforgivable. Our governments are stuck in the mud, unwilling to recognize flaws in their containment policies and unable to pivot to improve containment efforts.

Fining people for failing to follow failed COVID regulations is a measure of how desperate and devoid of problem-solving ability our governments are. Pleading with us to stay home while they do not (unless it is to avoid accountability) is the ultimate insult.

Nothing the governments do now can reduce the rate of infections over the next 4 to 6 weeks. Lockdowns do not keep essential workers home. Governments don’t have enough vaccines to protect them or an income replacement plan in place to allow essential workers to stay home if they are ill.

Worse, we have no idea how many essential workers can stay home before essential services crash.